wheat from the chaff

I’ve started two posts yet neither of them seem to capture this moment so… here we go!  There are parts of this wave that are so pure, simple, natural and easy… if one will allow/trust and flow.  And… it can also be felt as a doozy.  Possibly even a tissy.  Oh aren’t those interesting words/energies!  So let’s catch self if a bit off, take a step back, laugh/lighten up and embrace.  Continue reading

Find your kind – Guess what…


They ALL are.  I guess this is another infinity moment.  When one is on a spiritual quest, finding your tribe is an important step.  Often there is isolation, feelings of loneliness and wondering if anyone will understand you.  Yet there also comes a moment where you realize that each person is a part of your journey and you know to embrace it all.  It almost seems like the word choice of, find you kind seems spiritually snooty.  We are no better, just different.  Continue reading