You write your story every day.


To be honest, I almost forgot. In many ways, so much is happening now. Or maybe this is just another layer that is shedding.  Four years ago a date was set. An event. Now I can look back and see it was in my akachic records. A day that drove home a point. Change was need in my life. Big time. I was to stop caring for everyone and boy do I mean, everyone and start caring for myself. Unbeknownst to me – trust me, I was completely clueless, this event was completely supported. Within a few months, a lot of change happened. And then I was left facing… myself. Continue reading

Tossed Salad


Well, that’s what this past week has felt like. I’ve had a week of messages, intense energy, signs and also feeling very human. Actually, one day by 4 p.m. I just wanted to go to bed for the night which is not like me. Each moment has been different. So let me toss your way the random that I’ve experienced. Maybe it’s not so, random.

I’m certain that we have more than one twin flame soul mate. Continue reading