Answers aren’t in the mind

I remember years ago hearing this statement and then and now agree.  Many of us are smart enough and have a brilliant mind yet there do seem to be times that an answer that makes sense and feels right is illusive.  Interesting as we live in a world that pushes for (immediate) answers and we live in a Universe that has endless possible answers. Continue reading



Was the magic sleepy dust released?  This will be quick since I seem to be undergoing this step.  I am… tired… yet in a good way.  So let’s say, tranquil.  I can remember many times being so filled with energy I could hardly sleep so now this seems to be the other side.  ∞  A veil of sleep has fallen for many.  Honor this step the best that you can.  Really most things aren’t urgent.  Let some things go/wait… or ask for help.  So much for awaken… some of this needs to happen in our sleep. Continue reading

Dropping the Re and Be


I had a few words come to me and they all started with, re. As I thought on this more, I realized the potential list could be quite long. Each one of these words in caps has the potential to mean something in one’s spiritual journey. The prefix, re meaning: again, repetition or to go backwards. So I’ll just leave a list and you can see what it reveals/re-veils for you. This activity actually holds several meanings so see what you gather from it. The Universe often sends me activities to get my brain thinking differently  🙂 Continue reading