Form or Illusion…?

While one could say something is wrong with the camera… I think the point is more the example.  Several times as I’ve gone to take photo’s of nature (an insect, animal, plant, etc.),  I’ve been getting a blur verses the focus I know my camera can capture.  I smile as I understand this.  Often how we see the world of Spirit is in energy, vibration, aura’s, orbs, shadows and overlays.  Continue reading

You don’t have to go home but…

you can’t stay here.  I know.  Interesting choice of words since this is about being, home… and present in the here and now.  It does though seem to be the current energy.  Ushering us a bit into the next. Continue reading

Brain fog or… Answers


Much is written on the mind in spirituality.  To be, mindful.  Or to get, out of your mind.  And the, “death” of ego.  Yet a mind is a wonderful thing, ego included.  When you can use it a bit differently than you have been accustomed to and get it in synch with your heart… ahhh!  It is a process though.  For me it took years to rewire my brain (and this continues). Continue reading



Hmm… well… days of energy and then a sight pause and then days of energy and then…  Nothing.  If you’ve been doing this journey for a while you understand the space of no thing isn’t a bad thing.  If you’re new though, this space will cause you brain confusion.  I even forget that this happens more so than not.  The pause.  It’s so quiet.  Really it’s just a moment yet it can be a day or two… or three.  You feel certain after all that energy runs through you that something BIG will be revealed… and it will.  All is well so now is not the time to panic.  Continue reading

All together now


Years ago I reached out to likeminded. Again and again though, I felt that I was put in my place. I was not to be in their space. While I could see their gifts, their ego also rode shotgun. I kept thinking, we’re all supposed to be working together. No threat. We each have our unique gift and are to come together like a puzzle. Although I was surprised and disheartened at the time, this did serve a purpose. That was not my tribe. And I then had the opportunity to pull in and really dig deep. To know. Continue reading