More or less


Okay loves, lights and fellow visionaries, we seem to be anchoring more light.  If you feel like you need more sleep or are feeling heavy, that’s what this is.  Go slow.  You are doing enough.  Your mind might try to push you but your body just won’t, go.  Thank your body for reminding you. Continue reading

Visionary Lightworker



I have found that one word definitely doesn’t describe the role that one can hold in this new spiritual paradigm. Teacher, Healer, Channel, Wayshower, Awakening Guide, Guardian, Gatekeeper, Gridworker, Lightworker… and oh the list can go on and on.  I also anticipate seeing some new words/titles as we grown into our new understanding/remembrance/uniqueness.  Continue reading

Writing a new CV


[ A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is an account of one’s career and qualifications. I remember writing one years ago in my professional career days. It listed my education, awards and achievements.  Now I decided to write a new one.  Ha… and hmm…  If you were to compare this one to my former, you’d question if we were the same person.  So, where to start… professional woo woo??  No, that won’t work.  Calling and purpose is real, a gift and needed in this world.  And really, not that far of a stretch.  With a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services and a successful and diverse 17 year career in medical social work, my passion has been for the spiritual, medical and mental health mix and wellbeing of all. ] Continue reading