As I went to type the word, unknown, I smiled as the answer was clear.  Stay present.  Enjoy the mystery and unfolding.  The energy this morning is delightful.  Both music and spending a few minutes with the rising sun I am sure helped to remind.  It’s peace with a bit of what would you like to now do/create/experience?  We have though been under a pretty thorough electron flux scrub for the past 36+ hours.  And interesting as little to no geo-storms this year.  Last year it seemed like one after the other.  Continue reading

Walk it out


Something about my brain is attached to the souls of my feet. I do better when I walk several times a week. This past month, with below average cold weather, ice and snow, walking has not been the easy option.  So today, I’m creating a mini-home jam.  I like all types of music and today I need a jam.  Jam with me?  For some, this jam might take you outside your music comfort zone… that’s the point!  Be free!  Or come up with your own jam. Continue reading