Get over your timeline

Ohhh  I say this lovingly… and jokingly… and seriously.  We are coming out of upgrades/processing and for some they may be greeted by a variety of energies.  One may be hitting the ground running/in knowing/a new way … yet, also may need/know to pace self.  One may also have/feel such peace, joy and love.  Or … Continue reading

Surfing this Wave


As I was glancing back in my notebook, I saw that a week ago an unusual sign caused me to pause and ask, what is my role…?  The answer was to… remain calm and ride the wave.  And oh boy are we!  Having fun…?  This was also followed by… Continue reading

Where the wave runs backwards

A few years ago in channeling I heard these words.  As I reviewed my notes, I paused and wondered.  What did this mean?  As I pondered, I then thought of a rip curl.  Yikes.  I mean we were talking ocean waves, right?   And… sure enough into the “water” I went.  One can play in shallow water but it wasn’t long.  Many of us went deeper.  And sure enough, a rip curl.  Many had some acknowledgment, wondering if we’d survive.  You can’t fight a rip curl.  You have to relax, know and go with it.  Swim out of it.  And we did. Continue reading

Slow and steady wins the race


Good morning lights, loves, visionaries and amazing beings 🙂  How is everyone doing?

These were the words I heard right before I went to bed last night and I chuckled.  Yet, this is not a race… it’s a journey and each moment is the prize.  I do find sea turtle symbolism fitting because while many are/will be coming to shore in waves, we will be headed out into a vast ocean.  Continue reading

Dream Sharing


Dreams = Help.  Haha, I’m going to come up with my own form of word math.

While I’ve seemed to start several posts… now is the time to keep this simple.  A lot is going on energetically (I feel like I’ve been saying this often these past few months) and many are feeling it.  It manifests in so many ways.  If you’re floating, know that you are doing important work.  I am know.. now understanding this more.  🙂  For now though, I’m just going to share two dreams that seem to tie into some of this energy.

Continue reading