Quantum Entanglement

Often when I am in new territory/energy, I can’t find the words to describe the indescribable.  Yet I get there.  August started with this new found excitement yet quickly also seemed to have a challenge element.  Well… we like challenges, right…?  Lol.  Continue reading

Pulling up the next


Oh boy, oh boy… exciting times are these!  Yes…?  I have noticed moments where it seems that a/the next wave awakens.  Part of our mission is to help others get to where we are or have been.  We know the terrain.  So here we go, step by step… pacing our self and others as this is quite a journey.  ❤ Continue reading

Messages of the 2020 Rays of Light


The other day I got very still and quiet. Spirit had several questions of me and I found them interesting. I noted them and responded. I then found a small chain of events seemed to amplify the importance of the questions and message.  So… I’ve had this writing tucked away for a few years now – a series of channeled messages I received. It was a privilege to receive and holds a special place in my heart since they were some of my first messages. They felt sacred… like something just the Universe and I discussed. Yet, even if you love something, it is not meant to covet. I now need to let them go. They are just a perspective and might assist or go hand-in-hand with another’s. Continue reading

The Now and… random

Wallpaper Earth From Space-749644

So this is the, random.  Grab bag style and takes what serves you.  The signs, synchronies and divine timing of events continues.  I do pause as I acknowledge each one.  I often can’t help but to just say, wow.  For days I’ve been saying it’s, nuclear hot.  Hmm… Nu clear.  Yes, a time to get clear on many issues.  Heat and humidity will slow you down/exhaust you and it is a great time for the Universe to reach you – slowing you down to, see something… or to chill and turn inward. Continue reading

Your path, your peace/piece


I’ve always had a spiritual teacher. In my 20’s it was just by knowing two people who, believed. Then for years it was via books and audio CD’s that I squeezed into the quieter moments of a very busy life. Then I was blessed (yet I didn’t always see it this way) with the gift of time and often watched youtubes and to listen to telecasts. Wonderful how much free stuff is out there. Continue reading

You’ll know it when you get there


I awoke yesterday feeling like I missed something. I paused and at times paced. Yet Spirit was with me. “You haven’t missed a thing… or been excluded. You are an active part of this. Have faith.” Is this a test? “It doesn’t have to be.” Well, I just had an activation and it now seems eerrriiee quiet. I keep seeming to forget there are these pauses. Continue reading

Expanding Heart


I usually post several times a week here on wordpress but I might also be posting more on facebook since I’m feeling that I’ll have shorter messages/updates that need to go out and more frequent. So we’ll just see how this all plays out. I can feel BIG energy yet I’m being reminded to, go slow. This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. I do know this is my, stepping up. What I wondered months ago is now happening naturally – awesome! For all of those who follow, I thank you. Continue reading