Awakening a Joyful Body


I’ve been working on this post, here and there, for two weeks now.  Really this is old news, yet… at any time someone might have this, a bit prolonged physical body experience as they awaken/ascend, so I write and share.  While this post might not be for all, I hope it may assist another. Continue reading

Soul self-care


I’m a mom and a girl-scout by heart.  My Mickey tin of Band-Aids has been with me for years.  I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow it.  I’ve often said, I have a Band-Aid for that.  I went to re-stock it the other day and thought of how many types of Band-Aids this tin has carried.  From small to large plain ones, to camo, to hot pink (just because they made them).  I chuckled as I opened this Band-Aid.  Yes, this expression looks familiar.  Life is often unexpected.  Oh my, how did this happen?  And… why?  Continue reading