Divine Convergence


I was reviewing some of my notes and paused at these words.  It seemed to be referring to an event or point in time.  Taking all that we are, have done and merging into, now.  A union.  Where what might have been multiple aspects/streams/worlds come back to, one.   It can be on a personal and collective level and… I’d bet happens more often than we realize in different forms and fashions.  Those moments where it all syncs up.  Continue reading

The… Our Magic

In morning meditation, I found myself in peace and a reflective mood.  Yesterday I listened to a youtube which I haven’t done in a while.  I used to listen to many yet this past year the guidance has been to, clear the channel and less is more.  I knew it was to make sure I was getting my/deeper messages verses getting caught up in other energy.  It can though seemed a bit quiet yet I’ll say it has greatly assisted in my journey.  There are times to seek/connect/do homework/share (all very exciting) and times to allow, be patient, peace and… clear.  Continue reading

What does light encoded mean?


Oh us spiritual writers/teachers.  We often use words yet… what do they mean?  I was cleaning out my email and noticed several light encoded emails from forerunners and paused thinking, I’ve even used this term in my writing.  Yet what does it mean and what can it do for one?  One can light encode writing, music, paintings/pictures, activations, etc.  While some don’t need an explanation… Continue reading

No wonder…

Awoke at 5 a.m.  No rest for the weary as I was also up late, lol.  And more heat/life force/Kundalini running strong.  So let’s just do a quick recap.  First ten days of the month, planetary K/geo storm activity, high!  Then the next ten days, low!  As if two extremes.  Now we just had another jump up with also an electron flux.  While these charts and the process intrigues my mind… I also know they affect each person a bit differently.  They can affect mood, sleep pattern and can give one an energy boost or aid in major clearing/purging… healing.  🙂  They can also assist in awakening, dna changes and in your spiritual experiences/connection.  For some the past ten days has been, gamma.  Finding your center if you ride these energy waves becomes essential… Continue reading

Life Purpose Stargate

The door is round and open…

Can I just say that Stargates are fun!  It’s like remote viewing/a portal/astral travel yet it seems to have an extra pizzazz… or at least for me.  They’ve been happening random yet more often in the longer meditations or as I rest yet right before lucid dreaming.  So weeks ago Spirit said (my) chakra’s were gone, referring to it as an old way and that every cell mattered/flowed/works together in our inner universe/body.  I was also told though that a chakra feeling would come to get one’s attention.  So Spirit taught me of a life purpose chakra several years ago.  It’s not necessarily part of the traditional 7… or even 12.  I feel it below my heart, centered and in my rib cage.  It can feel like a, pull… and at times as if it has it’s own life force.  And it seems to have it’s own stargate.  Practice… explore… have fun!  🙂 Continue reading