Wow, wow, WOW


Really, I’m not sure where to start.  The energy blast of today for me was… HIGH!  I couldn’t write for hours yet wanted to, to capture the essence.  Then again, at times words just don’t convey the meaning.  This is also just like me and a camera – at times I have to put down the camera and enjoy the moment.

I’m now understanding (even more) the process of ascending/embodiment.  (For some reason though I’m not liking those words in this moment because this is who we are.)  Each person’s process is unique so this is just a perspective and there are many.  At this point, I could joke, well, I wish to be light and joyful about what’s been a very serious, long and to be honored process.  It feels great to be in this moment.  So… Continue reading

Check Status

Over the past year, on occasion I see X’s in the sky and feel like the Universe is trying to get a message to me.  While some would say chem trails, this is not my hot button/mission.  What a signs means to you well, that is up to you to divine.  I often look to the sky and Mother Nature for signs and yesterday was another X day where normally the skies are pretty clear. Continue reading