Four Stages of Awakening


I was going back through some of my private writing from over a year ago. I found this and thought I’d share. In some ways, I feel my journey is unique but then again each person’s should be. Yet, in sharing it’s nice to find those common threads that hold us all together. Awakening can be lonely and scary at times. It doesn’t have to be – find your kind!

I seem to decide to take a crash and intense course in the awakening process a few years ago. Before that, I can now see I was slowly awakening (and in stage one) for over 15 years. And while I write about this process in stages, I also know awakening is and will be for the rest of my life. Like, BA (not standing for Bad Attitude, lol) Before Awakening and AA, After Awakening. So this is what I wrote: Continue reading