Dragonfly Medicine


I’ve take up a new photo subject.  Dragonflies.  It started a few weeks ago on the beach as I found one along the incoming tide line and wasn’t sure it was gong to make it.  It hung out with me for awhile… and even with a broken wing, flew on.  It was a simple and special moment and a good reminder.

Then, I was seeing them more and more.  You can click on any picture to get a better view – all pics are nature/naturally light encoded.

Brown/amber/yellow ish.  A good grounder. 

Blue… melted into the eyes… and I thought of the blue ray.

Green… for heart and/or prosperity

And a blue-green/aqua beauty


And even a baby (I almost step on; walk softly) and unique ones.  And with many of them, I could feel a connection/message.  Trust that the old me of a decade ago didn’t have the time to believe or do this.  Dragonflies, like all of nature, carry medicine!

And then as I was writing this… I was drawn outside… to see a swam!  I was overcome!

I’ve seen this before and for me signifies the world of spirit and an opening/portal.  Hundreds were buzzing/zipping/flying around and… this is us.

So it was all rejoicing, dancing, fun and games until… one got caught in a web.  While I do understand the circle of life…

I brought her (or him)  down – pic two is like, “help”.  I gently used my finger nail to remove the sticky webbing that was now on her wing and leg.  Dragonflies are delicate yet designed to be amazingly resilient…. (and so are we).

And… after a bit of rest, she flew off.  (Actually I went to check on her an hour later and she was still there.  I asked what else could I do and then… I watched her fly!  

And oh the eyes…

So thanks for reading, looking and connecting.  No more of my words are needed, the pictures can do the “work”.  Time in nature has been so sublime!  Enjoy & love ya.

11 comments on “Dragonfly Medicine

    • Oh my! I so loved looking over your site! Great to connect and thank you!! I also have a close friend not that far from Ithica so a small world at times… 🙂 Blessings and ❤


  1. Wow!! I am in complete awe of this post/pictures!! And that swarm….omg!!
    Thanks for sharing this, I FEEL the LIGHT, breathetaking!! ❤️

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