Just a reminder form your guardian angel.


I walked up on a family member and was patiently waiting for her to finish so that I could have a turn. I figured she knew I was there since we live in an older house and you can hear as another walks through. She didn’t. Even as I stood there calm, quiet, patient, she didn’t see me. I was just inches from her.  So when she finally turned around, she was surprised. I just smiled. I didn’t mean to startle her but… I then smiled even more and wondered why. Continue reading

Move… with Spirit

I had a small a-ha last night.  I was glancing back over my posts.  In my own spiritual journey there have been “seasons” of staying.  Extended periods of time of digging deep.  Really deep.  Awakening is not for sissie’s.  Continue reading

Don’t Forget Your Crown.


I often try to find a picture that I feel matches my article.  I looked online and loved this picture.  The artwork is by Sundara Fawn and I reached out to her to ask if I could use her picture.  She responded with a, yes and I love how the Universe brings people together.  So please check out her site at:  www.sundarafawn.com

So I wanted to write a quick reminder.  Often things come up on my own journey yet I know if I share, it might assist another.  I do try to check in on my energy centers (or chakra’s) often.  Continue reading

I want it. I need it. I believe in it… so… why is it not happening?


I skim read an online article today titled, Why do things take so long to manifest?:  http://in5d.com/why-do-things-take-so-long-to-manifest/  This was a good question!  In the past, I’d often asked myself this. I appreciate the author, Jason, writing on this and… it seemed to get me writing on it as well. Continue reading

A Teen Mood Swing

This has been written by a mother who is certain this is how many of our teens feel, at times.  The teens years are challenging for all and an amazing time of transformation.  I encourage parents, family members and friends to relax and assist teens in their journey.  Do not react, stay present and evolve… together.  We are all in this together. Let’s assist our children and teens through the mood swings of life.


Continue reading