Hmm… well… days of energy and then a sight pause and then days of energy and then…  Nothing.  If you’ve been doing this journey for a while you understand the space of no thing isn’t a bad thing.  If you’re new though, this space will cause you brain confusion.  I even forget that this happens more so than not.  The pause.  It’s so quiet.  Really it’s just a moment yet it can be a day or two… or three.  You feel certain after all that energy runs through you that something BIG will be revealed… and it will.  All is well so now is not the time to panic.  Continue reading

Day Three of…


Feeling and integrating major energy.  These waves have been coming closer and closer for me now.  (I just had a moment/day of ease and peace earlier in the week and then bam more energy.)  Life has also been busy for me.  The last time I felt energy similar to this (December & March), I was not only warned (to go slow and keep things simple), but life was pretty simple.  So it’s been interesting to be/have/doing both.  I believe this is the point.  Can we now do both? Continue reading



A few weeks ago I felt a shift happening for me.  A new process.  I’ve read much, heard much and written much yet, the past few weeks all of it was being questioned.  Do you really believe that?  Again and again this was now the question.  And I can’t tell you how many times I found myself saying, I don’t.  Wait… seriously… because I was actually saying that to some of my own core beliefs, ways and foundation.  The very foundation Spirit had helped me build – a process in itself.  Continue reading

No pressure


Ha!  The past 24 hours though, the energy has felt like a pressure cooker.  Intense.  A cooker will elevate the heat for a shorter cook/wait time.  It makes meat, tender.  Originally it was called a digester – interesting.  You can’t touch or taste the food though when it’s in the sealed chamber – see the symbolism??  So, if your feeling it, too, remain calm.  Breathe.  Let some steam off as needed.  Take care of yourself.  Rest when you can.  Laugh!    It looks like we are heading into June with a bang.

Lightworker sharing…

On a variety of topics.  So buffet style – take what serves you.  🙂  I seemed to get on a roll and end on the topic of money/abundance.

The past two nights I’ve found it hard to go to sleep and then hard to awake.  I remember playing ball in my dream state.  Just like base/softball.  Tossing back and forth… back and forth an energy ball.  What awoke me was when the ball was not caught and dropped.  It was a loud sound that seemed to echo so I awoke with my heart racing.  Okay… so… don’t drop the ball.  Or… just keep playing.  🙂 Continue reading


Ahhhh…. after days of energy and experiences, everything seemed to settle.  I love the moments where it feel as if everything you’ve experienced and remembered catches up and becomes you.  Where those random questions are either gone or the answers are known.  You feel complete, at total peace, no question, worry or striving/longing.  Continue reading