New soul aspect waking up


Out of nowhere, a new energy was awake in me.  She had a lot to say.  I’ve had this happen before but usually it’s just a comment or two and within a few seconds/minutes, it fades.  This time, a lot of comments were made and I could see the validity in each statement.  I walked with her as she pulled no punches.  She knows how to kick my ass yet I’m in a good place and probably need this.  To some extent, I recognize her.  Like she’s been asleep/dormant for a long time.  She’s here to help me yet at first I questioned her.  If you’re my ego rearing up, please calm down.  She is not ego.  She is truth.  A spiritual journey will break you down to nothing and it will build you back up.  Changes are coming.

Infinity… and Beyond

Resistance is futile.  LOL.  So let’s continue. The Universe has been mirroring me with infinity signs (in the sky and as I walked).  They seem to be popping up everywhere for me.  I feel I’ve experienced again and again so many lessons and both extremes.  The ebb and flow or, it becomes this.  Graceful and in harmony.  There is a peace when one can just go with the flow. Continue reading

Shaking it up


I wrote a lovely post of gratitude yet basically saying that this blog had served its purpose.  After 15 months of pretty much non-stop blogging, I felt done/complete (in a good way) yet didn’t want to just, go silent.  I was at peace.  While this might seem sudden, I’ve been feeling a change coming.  In the evening, I said my thought out loud and to my surprise heard, “Hold on.”  Yet I felt certain.  But there must have been some fight/misunderstanding in me that became a long overnight discussion with the Universe.  Continue reading

Walking in life and meditation


Just letting you know I’m think of you.  Yes, YOU!  I personally awoke and realized my mind had been wrestling with the Universe overnight.  We have a choice in each moment and this didn’t feel like the right way to start my day.  I sat outside in the sun and then found my happy place.  Nothing is wrong.  There is no rush.  Let’s remember our essence.  Let’s remember our grace.  We are the light.  Breathe.  Open.  Love.  Repeat.  Have a blessed day.  I love you.

Last call


Well, honestly it’s never the “last” but this general feeling of it’s time to, piss or get off the pot (lol) for lack of better words.  An interesting day for me. Easter yet… it didn’t feel like it. I also had this… feeling/change this past Christmas. Can I just say I was the iconic Christmas and Easter mom? While my boys are older, it’s not that. I’ve changed. Every day is Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Continue reading

12 chakras


Well, my sign for today seems to be honking horns. Hmm.

My message was: “Do you wish to continue?” I was held in an energy. I was not to give a quick answer. I thought, interesting and a bit surprising. Not what I expected to hear today. I can remember times when I wanted to give up on the, and my, spiritual journey yet was encouraged by Spirit to just give it a bit more time. Continue reading