What do you choose?

I went on a beach walk yesterday.  The beach/ocean/water… well, Mother Nature in general is often my teacher.  I picked up this simple shell.  Many ignore gray/black shells but it just means they have history; been under for longer.  I could see and feel where the shell could have ended – where it might have just been a small shell.  Yet somehow it continued to grow.  It might have also been from another shell laying on it and the pressure in the depths of the ocean.  All symbolic.  We are uniquely formed by our experiences. Continue reading

From Triangulation to Freedom

I do often find the cyclical nature of this journey interesting (I wrote this a year ago). I guess one could say that some lessons get reviewed/revisited several times until one gets it; the depth of the lesson. And interesting since I’ve been seeing triangles often here lately. The lesson/situation often presents in different set of dynamics yet the core issue remains the same. Remember we came here to realize and traverse an interesting terrain. To bring to light and a higher vibration. So while this might not fit another’s current situation, I share again for those who need to find (to spark one’s own discernment) and to move forward in love, light and appreciation.

2020 Spiritual Vision


Oh I love it when a “surprise” comes into my energy. To be honest though, the surprising energy has long been there. It’s easier to just, not see it. We deal with issues as we can.  Today, triangulation.

I first heard this word years ago. I was told, “You are being triangulated.” I didn’t understand what this meant but from reading body language, I didn’t think it was a good thing.

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Spirit remind me

Just sharing some pictures.  As I glanced to the sky, I saw a dna chain/ladder cloud.  The pics are a bit faint; Spirit is often subtle.  One may be feeling a bit sleepy, blasé, achy, mild headache, etc. with this energy and it’s temporary.  We’re going into a fun and reunion weekend.  I’ve also been seeing many, curves in the sky. Continue reading

Part III – Write/right the future


Good things comes in three’s… right?  So picking back up where we left off.  I had this section written and ready yet… I was still a bit hesitant.  This is also the current energy for many.  The next week or so may feel like choppy waters.  Yes, no, yes, then no answer at all and, all in the same day.  A lot of changes are happening.  I do feel several shifts coming in November yet really this is constant. I was reminded yesterday that we’re in the accelerated track/reality.  There are times on this journey where adjustments are being made in another time/space yet it does all synch up.  I have been seeing a lot of synchronicities.  ❤ that!  So stay anchored or float knowing that smooth sailing will be yet again here soon.  For now, we do the best we can and remain open.  Eyes, ears, hearts, minds… and arms.  Gheez, many just need a hug right about now.  And, if you are smooth sailing – yippee!

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A Pink Ray

Some time ago I remember reading on the Blue Rays.  It was a type of lightworker.  Much of it I could identify with.  Last night, as I meditated, I was informed I now had my own unique ray… and it was pink.  That one could do much with this ray of light.  I smiled.  There are so many ways to connect… receive… and use one’s gifts.  The Universe provides endless options so I’m just passing along. Continue reading

Welcome to The Mystery


I sat in meditation.  On the back deck under the sun on a fall morning.  I could feel both the crispness of the air and the warm sun.  I chuckled though because it just felt like summer the other day.  Change and contrast is in the air as I breathe.  It’s easy to fall in love in these moments.  No matter what is going on, meditation brings me back to center.  Yet, often so does a hug, a smile and laughter.  In meditation, I could feel the power of whatever is next.  Yet it is now.  It wasn’t definable to my mind and I am okay with this.  It’s the mystery.  The Universe’s story and I am just one of many players… well, let’s say artists.  We all are.  Continue reading

Trick or… Treat


How is everyone doing?  Wowziers has this been a time.  This is just a quick check-in.  I’ve been decompressing… still and boy is life happening.  I’ve had some intense ear tones coming in this evening.  Intense.  One came with a brief wave of vertigo that almost brought me to my knees.  Headache, yep!  The theme for the day was… Trick or Treat.  I was sending back, no tricks… just treats.  We also seem to be having some “fire drill” practice (yes, think broad/symbolic here).  Continue reading

Fear, Pain and… Writing


It’s been a while but I have written on fear before.  Well, actually a few times.  Yet, I have new stories to tell.  LOL.  As a writer one needs to write and I often do with passion.  It just  flows.  Yet, I have experienced telling what was a very true (to me) story and the pain that can be caused when another party reads the words.  Like, yikes how did that happen/wasn’t suppose to/not the intention.  There are many sides to a story.  For a while it kept me from writing.  I then chose to write again yet, differently.  I also though think of the four agreements.  So… let me not digress but tell a new short story on fear… and pain. Continue reading