Spiritual Tools


There are moments where we need a reminder to glance at or fumble around in our Spiritual Tool Box.  To go through and see what we have available, what we use/practice, what works and now what can be recycled/donated/tossed.  We’ve gathered many tools over the years, possibly including some that have been handed down.  And we might even have some ideas on new tools, too – that we wish to acquire or create.  So while the options are unlimited, just providing a few possible reminders.  The first one even seemed to help me today. Continue reading


Sorry I’ve been away as I’ve been doing some personal and deep work… reflection.  A time to clear the channel and reset.  In some ways it feels like a decension 360 (after years and increments of ascending) and this is a wonderful opportunity/to be honored.  So I will keep this short and sweet for now.  A new and improved light grid seems to be online.  Oh the love… vastness… connection.  One may or may not feel/see yet… but it is there.  Open and expanding heart, out of mind (in a good way), ears softly ringing (so many new tones/codes), circulating in every cell of our essence and beingness.  It is cool, windy and clear here today.  A gift and fresh new start.  From this, oh the good that can come.  ❤

Inauguration Energy


That… amongst  many other energy threads seem to be in the air today.  Most of them felt subtle to me, coming and going.  Well, an inauguration is a ceremony to mark the beginning of… something.  🙂  And that something might as well be amazing, splendid, superb… epic.  Make a moment to have your own inauguration ceremony.  What you hold close to your heart. Continue reading

All good


Short and sweet.  Our higher/future self may be quite busy right now.  One may need more sleep.  It may feel like an upgrade or the milder releases or, a review period.  It may also (continue) to seem quiet although I will say the a-ha’s don’t stop.  One may just realize quite a few things during this time.  It does feel as if an unknown step was slipped in.  This alone can be a test/challenge… or just a moment.  Part of this journey is total acceptance of whatever one may experience.  Knowing and trusting that it is for your good, the highest good for all.  Continue reading

Practice, Practice, Practice


hands_light White Feather Close Up

While there are some who are (all) knowing here and now, for the most part, we are practicing here on Earth.  Yes, claiming and doing/being of service are important acts yet, so is humility and knowing that what we do know/remember compared to what there is to know…  our brain just can’t comprehend that kind of knowledge/database… yet.  Continue reading

Do we realize…?


Some time ago I wrote a post, this isn’t your momma’s spirituality.   And it isn’t.  I was taking a moment today to absorb what’s been happening to many over the past few years now.  I also paused again at the word, unprecedented.  Yup.  This is not about being psychic, a medium, channel, life couch, healer or teacher.  Although we are all of these titles (in some form and fashion) and much more.  I made a list the other day and wow.  Talk about a spiritual resume/CV.  Some of the words may even be foreign/seem extreme to another who feels, enlightened.   Continue reading