When seeing a psychic doesn’t help…


I mean, it’s supposed to. While some go to a psychic for sheer entertainment, many go seeking advice or closure. I kept thinking about an experience I had years ago. Since it was still in my brain (and doesn’t need to be), I know to write and release. So here’s my story, what I learned and how it shaped me.

Years ago, my fiancé and I were new to an area and refereed to a local psychic. We were told, she was amazing! We’d seen a psychic before and it was helpful. We did have a few questions so I made an appointment.

I agreed to pay for the reading and my fiancé agreed to pay for dinner – a date night. My fiancé went in first and had his 30 minute reading. As I went in, I was quickly slid a credit card receipt to sign. I remember looking down shocked to see the price I was agreeing to. It was four times the amount I expected. I guess I had myself to blame. Price was not discussed beforehand. The person who referred us said her rates were very reasonable. I guess our definition of reasonable was quite different. The psychic was then talking so fast I couldn’t get a word in edge wise to question or discuss the rate. I thought, she’s psychic… can’t she sense my shock? Okay, she’s human, can’t she see my shock? Nope. She continued to talk fast and my thirty minutes flew by.

I remember walking out thinking, does she know (or even care) how many hours I had to work for us to have a one hour reading? Let me just say, too many. And our readings… well, wasn’t that helpful for either one of us. It was a disappointing experience. We did have questions we were hoping to gain some clarity on. At dinner it became obvious, we needed to figure them out ourselves. So see, something great came from this – bonding with the important person in my life.

I’m sure many have a “bad psychic” story. Honestly, I’m not badmouthing this psychic or psychics in general.  I’m sure she’s helped many and meant no harm – even though I did walk away at the time feeling that more harm than help was done.

I can say she was a teacher on my journey. An important reminder of who I wish to be. You see, something else came from this experience. Since then, I’ve honed my own intuitive skills. I don’t consider myself psychic in the traditional sense. I definitely don’t know winning lottery numbers. I am intuitive and a channel. I’ve been blessed to receive many messages – truly blessed.

My intention is to assist others to remember their greatness. I want people to feel better afterwards, not frustrated, confused or feel as if they just made a boat payment for a boat they will never ride. So… I have some general pre-intuitive/psychic/mystic advice.

  1. Check in with yourself.  Ask, would I benefit from a reading?  Is it the right time?  Is this the right person to relay a message from Spirit to me?  It is a vibrational exchange and relationship.  Trust your gut because you are getting ready to trust the psychic with your personal life.   If you have a question you’d like to be advised on, go ahead and send it up to the Universe and announce you need help and are ready to know more.  You can even send energy to the psychic to assist in relaying the message to you.  And as a side note, some readers will record a session but I recommend taking a notepad just in case.
  2. Make sure you know the rate.  It might be set, a “love offering” (what you can afford yet close to the going rate or more if you feel moved to) or, based on how helpful the reading was for you.  Metaphysical school students often offer free readings.  I think this is a win-win.  A co-creating experience.  Yet, please know if you have a big or pressing issue, seek an experienced reader.
  3. Ask yourself, would your money be better spent in another way?  Would going to see a movie be fun and enough of a change in pace or would saving towards a mini-vacation better serve you?  Would reading a spiritual book help just as much if not more?  And if you haven’t had a lazy day at home or time in nature in a while, well… that might be all you need.
  4. When you enter the place where the reading will be given, ask yourself, does this feel right?  When you meet the reader, does it feel like a match?  Are you comfortable?  While an important message will come through regardless for an intuitive, many read your energy and if you’re not feeling it, this might reflect in your reading.
  5. At any point, you can be polite yet firm.  You can stop the session and walk away.

Also, see how you feel after the reading. The goal is to have some clarity/confirmation/peace. At times a reading will stir up emotions. A needed release. A reading can also get you thinking differently and this is a good thing. You might have some homework or a new zest for life.

Finding a good psychic is like finding a good therapist or car mechanic. Sometimes you have to go through a few until you find the one for you. Know there are many amazing readers out there. There are also many who are practicing. We all have to start somewhere.

I do wish to say, I don’t recommend relying on or seeing too often any psychic. This is your life. You are your own best resource. No one knows you like you do! So this is my last thought. If you went seeking a psychic and returned with a less than satisfying experience, I do think this is telling you something. Turn inward. Be a psychic to yourself. Get in touch with your own intuitive nature. A frustrating psychic experience can mean, it’s time. The Universe believes you are ready.

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