We’ll leave the LIGHT on for ya


Well kiddos… it seems like all of the lights are on in the house.  Not quite sure where to start so I’ll probably just keep this simple and just check-in.  When you (start to) play in the multi… it can get interesting.  While I’ve started several posts…  we’ll see what gets published.

As I experience this continued shift/alignment/upgrade/awakening/bliss… I pause realizing again, we couldn’t start here… we had to get here.  2016 is ending with an acceleration indeed.

The experiences seem to run the gamut though.  Some are… in bed.  Self-care/rest/love is needed.  Some are having some pretty cool remembrance.  Some are being shown the stark contrast of who one has become and their surroundings.  It may sneak up as quite a surprise.  What was just fine yesterday is not any longer, okay.  It’s as if one is to observe this now and trust.  There is a plan so no panicking – breathe.  Irritability/a short temper though can surface now.  It’s just that one wakes up again and again.

This does seem to be a, the faucet is running wide open moment/time.  If you feel as if you are spinning… a nap or good nights sleep can help to ground/reset you.  Trust the process.  We all want to know… yet for many of us we will experience as 2016 rolls into 2017.  All is well and we are right where we need to be… doing/feeling/experiencing.

New relationship (and experiences) are being formed.  One might not see this in their reality, yet.  One may in meditation or sense this in their knowing.  The light grid is reconfiguring.

So enough for now and thank you for your leaving your energy here.



P.S.  I am honored to have a few new followers yet we know this is more about connecting.  We are all bringing it – our gifts, in so many ways.  I will catch up with you soon in this time/space.  For now I’ve (we’ve) been trotting in joy and amazement through some new energy; wowziers  🙂

5 comments on “We’ll leave the LIGHT on for ya

  1. That was beautifully said/written!
    ‘We’re all just walking each other home’ I have always loved this quote, and NOW even more than EVER, why? Because it is SO very true, and I feel SO BLESSED to be walking HOME with YOU!! 💖💓💖

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