While we are immortal Spirits… we came here to experience mortality… and many, in varying degrees are now.  When faced with mortality will one…





When faced with the worst… what comes out?  Well, regardless, it need to come forth.

Does the legacy of one’s life speak…?  Or does sadness, anger, disappointments, insecurities… fear…?

We do forget that we came to experience it all.  The high’s, the low’s, the magnificent and the complicated.  In the pause… the mourning, one can find the gap… the indifference.  Possibly of what one may feel cheated of.  The gap can become whole.  When one comes into remembrance… gratitude… and love.  Seeing life as a mirror and that we do have the power to change.  To feel and experience anything our heart desires… to include peace.

Oh the brevity and how we take much for granted.  Being faced with mortality is an honor.  Consider how many are not given this chance as life can change in a split second.  It can become an invitation to experience the life you’ve yet to have.  If even for a moment… for that’s all that matters.  To rise to the life, calling and being that is who you really are.  Embrace your mortality for it is a reminder and gift.      ❤



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