It’s just a moment…


Hmm… or is it?  Some moments can be defining.  Alrighty loves and lights… how we doing…?  I hope, well.  Interesting though as this latest energy unfolds.  Some may be feeling much calm/peace/joy/bliss… and others, a challenge/test/reality pulse.  Being now shown where something may be off and as if a reaction or action is needed; an immediate remedy.  Well…


And again.  Calm, centered and knowing?  Checked in with self… and the Universe?  Are you… willing… to be open and to be shown?  To better understand…?  Maturity/Mastery may be needed.  What now is your highest choice/reflection?

Slowing down a situation may assist.  One may even get to an understanding that what seemed real/urgent was actually just a trigger/reminder/illusion.  Often though it is a situation that just needs attention/discernment… love.

So this may be a stand down/grown moment.  While flowing is often the way to be, there are times to be a lighthouse (or a save and consistent harbor to self/others).  To not allow a mood/moment/action change our knowing/being/course.  To smile… be grateful… and hold all of this in perspective.  Choices and attitude matter.  Nothing is wrong and remembering there are so many possible outcomes unfolding.

One may now also be seeing/experiencing a relationship in a new way… and possible from different levels.  Again, love is the universal.  Allow another to find themselves and this may require time/space.  While we can remind, we can’t do another’s process for them.  Allow them this honor.  Cords may now be shown and one can decide if this is still healthy for all involved.  And, this may be to another/others… or a way/habit… or even item(s).

Some may be triggered if they have what I refer to as, the runner.  When the going gets tough, one runs.  While this is okay… staying also works.  Knowing that we can work though anything!    (Well, I guess I need to pause and remind, some situations are no-brainers, abuse/violence/toxic situations are not okay.)

Often enough it’s not about the moment/thing… its about the energy/activation.  Receive!


I’ve needed to take mini rests each of these past few days.  Allowing the body and process.  Dreams have shifted from remembering to not.  It’s okay as the Universe continues to remind in signs, too.  And… mixed signals/signs might just be to open one to some of the possibilities.

So… let’s start this week on an even higher vibe.  Open up to the Universe knowing you and having your back.  There is a ripple affect happening.  If one can zoom out, you may be able to see the bigger picture and how amazing/perfect all of this is.   All I can do is smile and know… it’s going to be (and is) oh so amazing!  ❤



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4 comments on “It’s just a moment…

  1. Oh SO amazing indeed my friend!! Thank you for this….I deeply resonated with all that you’ve shared!!
    Love and (((Hugs))) 💞🌺💞

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