Insomnia… oh my


Seriously?!  What am I doing up at 2 a.m.?  I’m in my 40’s not 20’s.  On occasion I think things come up just for me to write about them.  This is a spiritual being in a human body self-care reminder.

I am a good sleeper.  I like my 8 hours of sleep a night but here lately…

I know about energy changes/upgrades and I’ve felt those at night yet this was different.

On occasion Spirit comes at night with a message but… no message.

I know that distress during the day can meant unrest at night.  At times our minds can go into over drive trying to process the day or a situation.  Don’t let it.  Sleep and dreams are better.

But it wasn’t that.

I cut out the caffeine.  I tried to listen to soft music.  I thought of fields of lavender.

Not working.

Insomnia sucks!

Why wasn’t my soul letting me sleep?  I pondered.  I journaled a bit. I came to a few realizations.

But… it was something else.  It was something so simple.

I realized I hadn’t been walking much the past month.  One the days I had, I slept well.  On the days I skipped… insomnia.  Wow – my mind, body and soul need the physical exercise and outdoor time.

So this is just a friendly reminder.  Our bodies need water, food, exercise and rest.  I also think we need laughter and love.  Please take care of yourself.

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