November 2015 Channeled Messages

Hello Angels…  I seem to be reviewing a bit some of my past messages and have a handful I wish to share.  Retrograde will do that.

“You can’t remember your dreams when you awake since you use your (analytical) mind.  They are not stored there.  Meditate to remember.”

“Your mind holds your human dreams.  Your soul hold your fantasies.  You must release both.”  This was a surprise to me.  “Now, if there is something that you do desire, then add it to your current life.”

“No one can hurt you unless you allow it.  By healing, you change the vibration in two ways.  First, you become a lighter body (no longer weighing you down, more room for better vibes) and second, you won’t be attacked again because it’s no longer in your vibration and therefor you attract it (the unlearned lesson) again.  You can heal on the soul plane level and that is just as good as face to face.  No one can hurt you.  Only if you allow it… which is a sign that you are not in you.  When you focus on the hurt, you are using up your life force and this drains you.  Instead take your energy and re-invest it in you.  Instead of choosing to be hurt… choose to be happy.  Just practice and in time it will be easier.”

“Ask us your question in joke form. A higher vibration.”

And finally… “Why do you refer to your life in another dimension as one… only one life there… more like many.  Many lives here… many lives in each dimension.  A never ending infinity of options.”

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