The Spiritual Pocket


Ahhh… a calmer energy and moment.  Ghee this has been a non-stop month:  12/12, full moon, solstice, 12/21…  Are we pacing our self and having fun?  And an incoming galactic wave is on it’s way and many are watching/feeling/know of this one.  So I may be reblogging a few post from the summer solstice as this unfolds over the next week if they fit the energy.

So this is a great chance to let all of this (past week, really month) catch up.  I am working on a variety of posts… cleaning up the old drafts folder (finally) and they’ll roll out over the next 10 days.  So if you follow along, really nothing that’s that important.  Just sharing and one or two might even seem a bit like a review, out of order or even, silly.  We take this journey too serious at times.  I will also try to get to the newer a-ha’s yet I think that’s what 2017 is for.

As a reminder, just because one might not see (a certain thing)… just assume or even better know that some pretty amazing stuff is being worked out. Spirit was in a joking mood as I was asking a specific question the other day.  The response being:  loose lips sink ships.  We are not always privy to all… and thank goodness for this.

Trust that the Universe is lining us up.  Getting us in the pocket.  Our unique pocket.  I often copy definitions in my writing for a reason.  When one takes a moment to look at the words just a bit differently/a higher vibration… a-ha’s can happen.  So… with some help from google.  Being… in the pocket means singing/doing/being  in time and in the “groove”/rhythm of the song.  You can be in pitch, but if you’re wavering ahead or behind the beat it won’t feel right.

And…  When a drummer plays a groove that is very solid and with a great feel… this is referred to informally as being “in the pocket”; when a drummer maintains this feel for an extended period of time, never wavering, this is often referred to as a deep pocket.

And…one more, When two or more people play musical instruments together and are perfectly on-beat.    All of this is where we are headed.

Reunion mode often happens more so at the Holidays.  At Thanksgiving I had several days of seeing family and friends I hadn’t seen in 1-20+ years.  One may have a moment of realization… feeling too different.  We are now different yet… the same… at our core, with everyone.  ❤

On a different note…  haha, I’ve seen this picture/saying… and well, for me it doesn’t have much to do with cell phones or passwords.


Yet it didn’t hit home till, I had a situation where I could see the key in the door… yet there was an exterior door that remained locked.  Oh so close yet… still locked out.  Are we working on a theme here (lol)?  More like a gateway as we all advance together.

What I do know is we are being asked (again) to let go for something far greater.  Yet only you can decide if and when this is right for you.

Spirit often seem to give homework/assignments.  A good teacher does this, too.  No spoon feeding yet we are fed and grow.  As the Holidays approach, for many it’s a break and may be a great time to pull in, in a new way.  To open your heart wider than your realize it could open.  This can be done in so many ways.  By pondering, savoring quiet moments, reading, etc.  By pulling in and finding your own core/space… even a pocket that has yet to be explored.  I’d bet you’ll find, magic.


Others can also help us to realize, too.  Reaching out, being with and serving are other great ways.  You will know what is best for you.  Your pockets are full.  Feel it…?


P.S.  Mercury retrogrades don’t have to affect us.  They served us well.  We are aware of them (and not always exempt) but…  we’ve moved past where we blame/use as an excuse or focus/base our decisions solely on this.  There is a lot of great humor though on the topic.  Awesome.


(all pics found online)

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