5 a.m. Message


I remember waking at 5 a.m. and could feel that I was bringing back a message. This is what I saw on my notepad:

Divine Convergence…

Highest plans obtained.

Star families United.

Timelines collapse… and fade.

Pressures relived (here) and applied (there).

New songs to now be played. The music of the Universe goes on.

New tones to be heard.

Doors open to the light. Yes, both as in death (yet not) and for those to see the light… Unite.

Gifts never to be taken for granted again.


Sounds beautiful to me.  🙂  ❤

20 comments on “5 a.m. Message

    • Durinda – Thank you!! I was just thinking… I am not sure the words due it justice. So often it’s also the feeling. I feel like I pulled it from a very far away place and it’s significant. The few words mean so much more but I just don’t want to add to them at this time. Have a lovely day/play. I love you!!

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