In a blink of an eye…

Oh so much has changed since I wrote this over two years ago yet the tag line was brought back to my attention. The message was, “It will seem like nothing has changed and then in a BLINK, it will.” Some may need to hear/know this, now. And I think Mercury is getting ready to going into retrograde (4/9) yet I stopped reporting on retrogrades some time ago. They served us well and we’re in a different energy now yet… we can play/dabble in all of it. ❤

2020 Spiritual Vision

5I stepped onto the beach a few days ago.  I was going for a walk.  While it was cool, the sky was blue, the sun was out and the water looked amazing.  I have a normal walking route and know my landmarks well.  Out of nowhere, in what seemed like a blink of an eye, I was surrounded by fog.  I’d had this happen to me once before * but now, I had my camera – yes.

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