This journey prepares one for…


light to surface… and for it not to blind us.  A time of illumination.

I know that what I personally experience is often a small representative of a larger picture.   So…  taking a blogging pause was needed as I was very present/living/being.  I didn’t have time to read, write or follow my more normal routine. 

So I’m not sure what other’s are saying about this time now.  For me it has been divinely orchestrated and powerful.  For some they are clearing ancestrally lineages of, stuff.  And this work, like many steps in this journey, isn’t for sissies.  Yet, we’ve been well prepared.  For some time now, we’ve each been in our own place.  Doing the work/clearing/healing/remembering/changing/creating that we need to do.  And we’re all connected and assisting one.  For some, experiences that might shaken you to awaken you… even more.  It may be felt in your reality or/and your physical body.  Remember that a higher plan can be birthed by this process and your choices/beliefs/state of being.  Relax, breath and trust.  All is well!

If you follow along here, you know I watch Blindspot… as if each episode holds a message/blind spot reminder.  So the season finale didn’t disappoint…

Don’t go to the mountain… go home.

And the “mountain” can be any challenge.

For some, the light/truth that has/will/may surface… if it had happened earlier would have been blinding/too much.  Now though, we can allow… observe… and let it run it’s course.  We can also participate in love and knowing…. as we know who we are.  So in many ways, we support the light/truth to surface and play out.  Yet… yes, we may also feel it deeply and even (possibly a bit later) as a process of grief/dying as the old is releasing.

We continue though to remain present… (tempted to look back, for closure and as needed/in accordance to our plan)  and also looking ahead.  We connect with the higher energies/realms and the here and now.  Letting go as needed also seems to be.  Step by step… in love and light.  Thank you for reading.  In gratitude, love and service.


(picture found online)

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