An opening…

With every closure comes an opening.  Can you feel it?  While many are writing on the possibilities… that are and will happen in time and, all great clues… what will your new reality/opening, be?  Ready to be surprised?  🙂  ❤ 

For now, many are incubating… or …


and what an import step and time this is.  Yet, if you have ever watched flowers, they often open and blossom quickly, as if overnight.  A little bit of patience, water and sun… and voila’ !

And HA!  Literally, overnight


I will add that from a galactic level… some of these upgrades are packing a punch.  They’ve been coming in the evening for me.  A few hours of feeling flu ish.  REST is key!  Also, dreams have been… wild!  At times as I awake I think I’m not even writing that one down yet always glad that I do.  Dreams are a part of this journey and help to inform us, assist us in releasing and pointing the way.  For me, even the most bizarre dream has brought a clue/message… and yes, some do need to be taken with a grain of salt; some are enlarged so that we do take note/remember.  I often think of the scene in the movie, Inside Out on dreams.

Wishing all an enlightening weekend… hmm… date of 9-11… so yes, we’ll be paying attention.


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