Finding peace


Well… the writer aspect seems to be back.  While most might not have noticed, I did as it was happening.  Instead of writing up to 3 post a day (a few years ago) or 3+ a week (this past year or so), I could go a week or longer without writing a post.  Life was happening and I was trusting the journey/process.  So now…

this time feels anniversary/celebration…  of a journey many of us started over five years ago.  Yes, it actually started long before that, too, as most of us where already spiritual and doing our work.  For me personally it’s been almost daily work these past five years – on myself, collective clearing, grid/gate work, offering assistance to others who are awakening and doing their work/purpose.  Teary eyed as it’s been a very special time and I have loved every minute of it… yes, even the physical upgrades that I never would have imagined.

So I write and share to offer a perspective that may only resonate with a few… and this is okay.

I found myself journaling:  What does one do when the journey has answered all of your questions?  When you are… satisfied.  When there is no longer any pain/fear/longing/needing/etc. motivating your journey to continue?  I hadn’t even realized that it was… and this alone was a bit of an a-ha.  A journey of healing and discovery.  Many of us have been at this place, yet now, even more profound.  It seems to couple with the realization that we’ve reconnected and know that we’ll always be.

It also seem to tie into, yet a bit of a side note – school/work/life conditions us to always have an answer.  We may have been taught that not knowing is not acceptable.  If you are like me… there have been moments on this journey where there wasn’t an answer and this was okay.  And then, realizing that while/when we do know… often just a bit as this is an unlimited and multidimensional time.

If you read along, you know that in my journey I often found spiritual teachers/writers who seemed to go, ghost.  I’ve often wondered, why.  It seemed like they were very knowing and then, just went silent.  Where did they go and… what did they discover?  Why did they stop sharing (their gift)?  It seemed like a cliffhanger and I was looking for closure or the next step.  Like, was this normal?  Had they literally ascended to New Earth?  Ahh… the mystery.

This was a part of my process.  I can’t answer for another.  I have thought… or even felt certain many times that I’d stop publically writing.  I’ve written on it a few times (just to share that this is normal).  Some do walk away (possibly to soon) in frustration because this is a very thorough and what seems like, at times, slow process.  Really it’s not slow… it’s just what we can handle.  I have found the Universe will give you every reason to quit and to succeed.  Some do find what they are looking for and have changed significantly.  They just don’t need it and might actually be too low of a vibe to continue as they are called into service in other/new ways.

Many of us are wayshowers… and at times we need to get out of our own way, too.  A time to show our self a new way… and/or allow/hand on to another the task.  While a wayshower may be stationed for extended periods of time, often we’re in a state of transition and flow.

So all of this ties into another topic I used to mention often enough and is a big question on this journey.  There are several:  Relationship issues, health, purpose and… money/support/income/being provided for.  I can say that for me (and you, too) a way was/is provided – blessed!  Feel it?  Gratitude does work and is a lovely vibration to swim in.  Swimming…

Now… was that way what you thought…?  Ha!  And has it been humbling at times?  Yes… and for a reason.  Possibly many.  Somewhere though, along the journey one finds… peace.  I might not have even realized until I was recently being asked about money.  It was clear that was a driving factor and I was like, what is money?  (Some time ago I wrote on having a moment where I was changing soul aspects/felt a bit oobish and saw money and was like, what is this).  Now I realized how much I’ve changed.  Money is a step… and now not a motivation/issue/stress.  Many rightfully do ask, when will it rain down/doors open/miracles happen as many have done the work for some time now.  What about manifesting (large amounts of) money so we can do our dreams/purpose/life in ease.  Well…

Some will say that abundance is a belief.  Change your attitude/thoughts/vibe, change you life.  Yet if you have done this (again and again) and continue to see your path… trust that this is for a reason.  At the same time I will say, don’t sell yourself short.  If the thought of money and having/creating brings you joy, continue on – you know.  For many though, a faith and knowing has been cultivated.  Money is a tool… and often a lesson.  It’s a way to release victim mentality, fear, overthinking… and more.  It can become a huge block in this journey… and it can also become just a thing/way/rather routine.  I feel not all will understand yet once you get to this place, you will.  Feeling as if one doesn’t have enough often forces one to change… and this is a wonderful thing.  And at times we give power to the wrong things.  Ahh…

Inner riches do = outer riches… just now though our perception has changed.

So where are we now…?  🙂  It’s as if for many, our purpose was to awaken… and then have this experience… and then choose our new life/way.  And it is divine… ❤


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