Shattering False Self


Well… 8/8 is not quite what I thought it would be… yet one can be a bit quick to assume/judge.  It has been a time to pull in, journal and allow.  It’s also been a mix:  new thoughts/wonderings/understandings… deep releases (in their own way and gheez when one thought there was nothing left to release)… and moments of peace/bliss.  And a time of LIGHT sleep… after weeks of deep sleep. 

While that was actually easy to type, trust that the me of a year+ ago would have needed a post on each set of words.  Our soul is helping us to see what we need to see (or possible address/what we need a bit of assistance with).  And, who we are/can be now.  Our – best – self … nothing else.

So this time/process may include, no more secrets/hiding, full (self/soul) disclosure and nurturing self like never before.  There doesn’t need to be sadness/pain as we can pick up the pieces and move forward.  It is to be in joy as we look forward to the new creation and even the challenges/growth.  If there was anything holding us down or in our way… it has come to light.

I can offer that the times of deep sleep are to work/play/fore run/download/restore.  One may or may not remember much.  The light sleep is allowing it to awaken in our body… and it can take days+.  Wire tired…?  YUP!  Disruption of sleep may be a sign of movement/shift to a different time/pod/process, pole reversal, the body processing your inner light and therefore your body’s more normal process and melatonin/GABA/etc. is responding differently (more here).  You are wide awake.  It’s also like a teen-age growth spirt/spirit.  One’s mind might not understand as what’s coming online needs to unfold/be lived.  So be patient, keep breathing/remain present/do the best you can.  Nap when you can.  Singing or listening to lullaby’s may help.

When rested, one may ask/ponder, where would your energy flourish?  Where can you be a gift and receive gifts?  Think big or small.  Just be… YOU… amazing you!  Not striving for more as you have it all.  If you’re stuck, reach out.  Energy exchanges/connections are needed.  We are all teachers, students and together in this amazing journey.  (and thank you sistar ❤ )

Don’t be afraid to come undone, let go of the old and morph into the new.  This is as good/cosmic as it gets.  ❤



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