Lighten the density


Well…  I seem to have several themes to note.  One of them may be… it gets worse before it gets better.  Well, I can hold this in perspective and smile (at times laugh) and hope you can too.  We just had a four day geo-storm.  The energy of the past few weeks has been like this excitement/momentum/all lining up and you seem to know and then… the rug gets pulled.  Like, what?!  So one regroups and then… the next seems to come in quickly and can feel like a meteor.  Like how much shaking things up (change) do we need…?  Hmm  😊  And when you think on ascending and descending…

Like, gheez, how much more can one descend back into 3D…?  Well… as much as needed (there is a reason, keep reading).  And there does seem to be a correlation:  10/10, 11/11 and 12/12 – these gates/events/energy/processes and then how they overlap on all of the work we’ve done this year, the first 9 (completion) months… as well as years of work.  (And trust that many are working for our highest good and pulling in these new realities/grids/timelines.)

So, how neutral… flexible… and at peace can one be… (during this flux)?  Because we can’t react/respond/act like the old us.  This is a time to use all of our amazing skills.  We are so needed now.  Maybe just stabilizing is the answer, or working in a higher energy/plane on an issue… or giving unconditional love in a situation that one might not have been able to before.

Several days ago I kept thinking everything just feels, fragile.  What an interesting word to use with spirituality.  I meditated and was given the word, precarious.  Seeming to confirm, also tying into dropping lower timelines… and the word:  pre care i/o/us.


So… we’ve been releasing (to possibly included emotionally) and feeling physically upgrades and changes.  Self-care and keeping it simple can assist.  And while some discourage watching TV (stating too low of a vibe), TV/a movie may actually be a great re-set/way to loosen up/zone out and allow Spirit/your body to do the work it needs to do.  There has been some energy that will leave the mind in a fog/confused/dazed/not thinking clearly.  From my experience it doesn’t last long and then one does awake clear… or may then be ready to discern and know what’s best for you/all.

So the other day I asked myself if Mercury was in retrograde.  I used to pay attention to this yet then let go of this (limited?) belief.  Communication issues, often one needs to double check as things fall through the cracks, things seem to slow down and not always the ideal time to make commitments, etc.  Well, not till December yet maybe we’re feelin/alchemizing in advance.  Much seems to be between realities.

This is a time to see, what we’re holding on to in our reality… and what can we let go of and trust.  How do we deal with the unexpected or what may not seem ideal/as planned?  We are to lighten the density on any issues we see/experience as real/difficult/not ideal.  These issues are holding us in place and the Universe is trying to move us along.  We don’t allow drama back (unless this serves).  This is more about finding freedom and it’s often a gift we give to self; the truth sets us free.  Now getting to your truth may take the gift of time…

And… we’ve been here before.  I can remember writing on how, once we’ve healed our (this life) wounds, released our stories/trauma/drama/stress/unreal… and any karma to include generational karma or akashic/past life carryover – like, this alone can take years of work… we are new again.  And Spirit wishes us to stay in this light state.  No new karma/trauma/baggage/excuses… cellular memory.  So how we process these now/new moments is different.  We can’t ignore, stuff down or carry around.  We do the work and move forward in knowing.  While one may have thought it would be so easy…

This is a time of choice, free will, experience, discernment and working with the Universe.  Knowing that it always works out.  It may be that some issues have been so close, the irony is we’ve been blinded to them.  Well… no more.  We experience, process and shift.  You’ll know when you hit the right vibe (and it may take several shifts/jumps).  We do this in the astral and our reality.

And now, good news!  I was reminded twice today of, change.  The theme was, pennies from heaven.  Good fortune is incoming and is a reflection of all the work we’ve done.  We’ve been working on oh so much for several weeks now and it’s getting time to fly again.  Yippee!



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12 comments on “Lighten the density

  1. I was just having a conversation on Saturday with a friend of mine and I said to her I am experiencing an “internal shake” though I could not put into words exactly what that meant, but it was a knowing. As always you put words to my experience.

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    • YES!! It does feel this way and at times it mild (yet you feel it) and sometimes the movement comes and I let out a hoot, lol. How our body is adjusting to so many possible changes/vibration/etc. Isn’t this fun…? ❤


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  3. Thank you for this. Had another big release a few days ago, after becoming triggered. The rock and roll of uncomfortable emotions is proving to be very challenging. Thank goodness for writing in my journal, because I don’t want to take out anger and fear on those around me. Been biting my tongue hard for months while my body lets go of old stuff.

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