Okay loves and light… how we doing?  It’s been a while since I wrote on an obvious.  FUN!  Yup… are ya having it?  Laughing, uncontrollably… and often.  Smiling?  See the humor/light side of all of this??  Hugging?  Taking a moment (really just a second) to hold a door, extend a hand or be one who listens?  We’ve had another round of physically feeling/experiencing the energy/upgrades and often one is not quite themselves as their body processes.  Yet when and as soon as you can, please remember to have fun

Loosen up.  Be silly!  Goofy!  Less mind.

Fun = light hearted, light footed, enjoyment, pleasure and amusement… remember??

And if you’re not sure what to do… create a moment.  It can be simple.  And with that, I will follow my own advice.



6 comments on “FUN!

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  2. Pulling myself out of a 2 day heavy funk, but I’m right back on board with the Fun, Silly, Joy!! Just a tad slowly, as my body needs time to catch up!! 💗💫

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