I was standing outside in a meditative moment.  Blue skies and crisp cold air.  I smiled.  Something great is getting ready to happen.  That’s all I know… and lol, worthy enough to remind/share. 

The energy is getting ready to switch again.  It always does.  For some/many these past few weeks have been pretty much non-stop body/mental/emotional.  One will either need even more time now/soon for self-care/recovery or, be ready to go/do/soar.  At times this is a choice (attitude/determination) and other times it’s part of the process (can’t fight it/honor).

The change-over in energy may be gradual (taking a week or so) or like flip a switch.  Some are still marinating in very recent a-ha’s/experiences – take your time.

If in doubt… do what you love.  See what you do.

What do you feel you need to do.

Then re-evaluate.

And… music and just goofing off/doing something out of the ordinary (if even for a moment) can be a great way to assist.


I love you and for now, this will be short and sweet.

Thanks to many who have been so supportive.  Big  (( HUG )) and much ((( ❤  )))


P.S.  Kind words… to self (your body is listening) and others (also listening).  Like, I love you, we got this, I am proud of you, thank you.  Try it  😊 and repeat.

6 comments on “15/01/2018

  1. Kinds words to self, YES! Music, and a little goofing off, Absolutely! A sense of Humor, in the midst of these on going Shifts is quite helpful as well. The Energies for me at this time do not feel gradual, they use to, now it’s like BAM, take that Annette and see what you can do with it…lol Definitey keeping me on my toes, or better yet, on my back!!
    All is well, but truly we are in for some pretty shaky/amazing/jaw dropping/………..I could go on, but no need. Honor self now….and take very gentle care everyone. We must, for we will be needed, more and more as time moves forward.
    Big love and hugs! 💖💫

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