Let there be light

Oh loves and lights… how are we doing…?  We had a rather significant energy wave late last week that might have been felt well into the weekend (and even possible now).  These higher energy gifts are to be felt/experienced and grounded.  Years ago I heard/knew to ground yet often felt those who wrote/said this simple word just didn’t understand.  How do you ground, this…?  As it was some pretty big energy.

It can feel high and one can just enjoy/float.  One can also get some stuff done.  Yet at times it can get so high… my advice is to rest/absorb/allow it to circulate in all of your body – pulling it from head to toe, vice versa and then outward.  It is the new you.  Your essence… aura… torus/energy field/playground/universe.

During these time it may be quiet or… dreams may be more, special messages/experiences… a knowing (possibly of a future event) yet… to balance this; not to place the cart before the horse.  These are moments were we blend the vision and the honor of here and now.  Everything has a time and place.  Some time ago I’d received a message that nothing happens outside that hasn’t now first happened inside  (the body).  I’ve been thinking/feeling this a bit more as it is an interesting choice of words and the opposite of how it used to be.  With this latest energy, it will be interesting to see what now unfolds/comes into form… and how we will be of service.  (Personally, I pondered on how it felt inside my body over the course of several days.)

This is a time of choice… and some may now better understand that nothing is being forced (upon one).  Liberating as this a-ha circulates/resonates/ripples through lifetimes.  Often we do what we or another couldn’t have done before.  To also know that we can do, anything.  Then… add to this, feeling whole… verses divided.

As lightworkers, we often do go in dark places/spaces… to enlighten.  Often this work is done without preaching.  We spark a flame, shed some light, hold a hand, share a smile.  Many need our special energy now.  Don’t cut yourself or others off from this wonderful exchange.

This is a time to feel through our hearts.  As we’re present in situations, not to react or process through our mind, yet to feel through.  What now feels right and good.  Let’s do that.  Let’s practice… be… and let our light naturally shine.  ❤

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