Make it worth your wild


I started to write this the other day and noted:  In ways it’s been spiritually quiet and subtle for several days now.  It can feel like peace, ease… enjoying the now and/or a fresh new start.  This may not be true for all as we are each experiencing what we need to.  One may think/feel we’re waiting on Spirit but… it may be more like Spirit is waiting on us.  This is a time to do/experience/live and trust that the Universe knows how to get our attention if needed. 

It can be a great time to pick your vibe.  What do you wish to experience?  While there’s no guarantee (as to what comes), a bit of self tuning/bumping up/intention/guiding may be all one needs.

And then…

I had a powerful energy moment at 3 a.m.  It lasted for several hours.  We seem to be starting off this month with an energy pow.  Layers of messages that morphed from one to another.  I then needed sleep to assist in integrating and awoke so humble.  For me usually the higher energy moments have been co-insiding with solar wind, star bursts, etc. for some time now yet they can come at any time.  They are passion/knowing/all knowing/reunion/bliss and powerful… and then afterwards, can leave one a bit ho-hum… confused, even in a frump – if… this is the part we level up and, it can take weeks or can be done in minutes.  Trust your process.

There have been new body sensation to mention.  A tingle above the brow.  At first I thought of Chinese face reading (love this book),  dream symbolism, tapping (as this is a great release point)… and then smiled as I thought of higher vision.   Other little buzzes may be experienced, too.  And some time ago I started experiencing what I call a second heart (different than the higher heart energy/chakra point).  It’s parallel and on the right side.  Now feeling the bridge as if a larger and more central heart is forming.

I smile as I remember years ago just happy with the 7 chakra’s, then going to 12… 12+… and then no chakra’s… and occasionally a “chakra” that held a special meaning – more as a reminder, not that it was form.  The other day in meditation I could also feel a clear/tangible torus column of light in me.  Then I chuckled as it seemed to be a tube like at a drive thru bank and that “deposits” could easily fly up or down.

The (personal) healing work may continue.  I was pondering on pain the other day.  Often a doctor will recommend hot and/or cold compresses to decrease swelling/inflammation – what causes the pain.  Then I thought on how in this process often we feel the heat and cold/chill sensations in our body as we upgrade.  Often it’s our chi-life force/an activation/dna/cellular changes.  Our amazing body really can change/heal it’s self.  Pain is also a mind thing/rewiring… and yes, very real – it serves.

And, one may get an opportunity to examine guilt.  I can share that (for me) guilt = lies.  Yet I didn’t understand this years ago.  The guilt was real, had truth in it and needed to surface, be examined… and then flipped.  Often this happened over time/by journaling/naturally/gaining a new perspective.  Truth can heal and set one free.

Years ago I started my journey with the premise that a lightworker wasn’t dark… nor dealt with or in.  Haha ha!!!  Now darkness seems no different than the light… as we bring our own.  One might notice the glow.  And some may now have a heads up that what might of first seemed like an all consuming/never ending situation will indeed have an end/change.  Oh to see thru/past and beyond.

I’ve also been pondering on authenticity.  This is a popular spiritual word… and process.  It can takes years/a lifetime.  And unawakened can get a bad wrap amongst the spiritual astute, lol.  Hey… they are just authentically asleep/unawakeneded and truly enjoying their experience.  It is what they came to experience (and is us at many points).  I do smile often in such joy witnessing.  It, too, is beautiful and, adds to the variety and balance.  ∞

We continue to pull experiences to us to aid in fine tuning, to make choices… and even to protect us from having to make choices (as we just aren’t ready).  Every situation can be a life altering moment.  We also seem to have some random signs/dreams/filtering and while it all holds a meaning, I am letting much go/flow.

And I’ll also add this little tidbit/a-ha I had.  I am aware there’s no time (blessed to have teachings/moments) yet, often record time.  For years now, I’ve mentioned this took ___ hours/days/weeks/years and I wondered the other day why I was still doing this.  Well… in my awakening process one of the questions I’ve had is, how long will this or that take?  I must send this to a younger/other self version.  Like we can do anything if we know how long.  Some of us do hold a timekeeper role.

And as we spend more time in nature… have you noticed your even more in tune with Mother Nature (and her cycles) and animals – a very keen sense.

So… things may be getting wild again; chuckle.  We like adventure.  Who we are; our nature.  Wild and free.   If things feel stagnant, a change of pace may assist as there’s no sense in pushing what isn’t ready to be revealed/birthed.

We also continue to assist our circle of family/”family”.  Many are having experiences now that are profoundly changing them and may need assistance in processing.  This could include giving them space, a hug, a gift of time/listening, a reminder of who they, benefit of the doubt, etc.  No need to force an agenda/timeline… just love.

((  ❤  ))


P.S.  May… oh what a wonderful time.  Mother’s Day, graduations, etc.  How will you now view and experience…?  And… planetary K is low at the moment and one may be feeling (thick/slow) yet solar wind will pick us back up this weekend.  Enjoy it all.

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  1. Oh I’m glad you mentioned the time thing! I’m surrounded by a calender every day. Yet I can’t keep track of what month, day, or even year it is anymore. This year its gotten worse. Just today I wrote 2015! And a few years ago, I got the suspicion that my older self was sending me messages/energy for various reasons! I haven’t seen anyone else talk about that!

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