Our infinite nature

Okay!  So here we go….   I wasn’t going to write today.  Wasn’t the plan yet…

As I was getting ready to go to a scheduled thing… words were flowing in.  I smiled and thought, all of this is awesome yet not time to drop everything and write.  Well, then… the phone range and the thing was rescheduled – Ha and yes, this is how it works.

So… really just some gentle reminders and it’s always good to check in on the energy.  We’ve had two starburst today and one may be feeling.  I awoke feeling in my chest.  A deeper breathe and rolling shoulder blades back and opening the heart area.  Hello 8/8!!  Yesterday was calm/peaceful yet if one is awaiting… it can feel like something is off/irritability/impatience/slow.  Make peace as all is well.  This journey will offer one many opportunities to rest/enjoy life/explore in your own way.

Years ago I remember having several lion dreams and then learning of the 8/8 Lion’s Gate.  It seemed a perfect sync for the stage I was in.  The eight symbolizes infinity to me and the lion (whether as a cub, lioness or Panthera leo) can also hold much symbolism.  Feel free to look up info and see what speaks to you.


And interesting as I see word syncs as I type:  loneliness and lioness.  Ahhh as lions usually travel in packs up to 40.  Yet there are times in this journey that loneliness is very much felt, needed and examined.  As with any “negative”,  we then find the other side of it.  We take it to the other side of the infinity sign.  Everything can be seen/felt/experienced as a positive.  ∞

So I also wanted to mention, expectations.  As with any gate/time that many spiritual beings are writing/sharing… this can be an exciting time and the mind can easily conquer up… much!  Can I share that it’s rarely what one may think though.  For some it may feel like no thing at all.  If one is still awaiting/expecting… well, energy = energy.

This may surprisingly be a time of review/reminiscing/letting go in a gentler way.  So much is written on letting go of the past as if one is to never again think on it… yet so many special moments/gems are held in the past.  It is okay to take a step back.

Please…. have FUN with this gate.  Treat it as any other moment.  Each day that we are here is a gift, joy and mystery.  At any moment one can have an amazing spiritual experience.. and this is to even include the tougher work we do.  For some now is a tough time.  It has been/is/will be a very energetic time and this is for many reasons.  It can feel like… bam, bam…. bam!  How we feel, live and care for self and others during this time holds much significance.  I feel this energy will continue for August/8/∞.  September/9 holds different energy yet we’re not there yet.  We are expanding into it now.  Choose your vibe wisely my loves and lights.


P.S.  Even for the seasoned… one may need to rest/get flat/be flexible/just receive.  One may feel large expansions in mind, heart, gut, etc.  One may also feel wire tired yet gift self sleep.

I am also working on two other posts yet they seem to be for another time.    ((  ❤  ))

(all pics found online)

9 comments on “Our infinite nature

    • I LOVE it when you ask me a question!! Simply, it’s an energy that pours into this planet. Then again one could also say it’s an energy that is very much here and now… and when one is ready. Years ago I never felt. Yet then… and each year it has felt different to me. For many it will be felt for the 1st time to prompt their awakening. It may be felt in dreams, a psychic moment/vision, meditation or even a simple sync that better aligns one to their true path. We call them gates as before they were closed yet now wide open for all/any to experience/feel – come on in!. Some though are very much on their spiritual path and read much on the gates/times of more activity and then expect much – hoping for instant nirvana/new earth/blessing/an “event”… even enlightenment. It’s one of many times each year one can tap in (as it’s become a strong collective belief now, too). Yet I hold the belief that one can in ANY moment.
      After a gate/eclipse/etc. as one might have had an amazing moment (or maybe not) … and then there can be a “let down” as one is then returned to their life. We do this step by step, moment by moment, healing, integrating/changing, etc. We can receive a reminder/higher energy/a-ha… yet then we gotta do our part here, too.
      So… the 8/8 Lion’s Gate is OPEN! Has been for a few days yet some will feel literally on 8/8. The Lion holds much medicine one can integrate into their path yet it is a very multidimensional energy so, it could be anything. It can cause shifts in thinking and states of being.
      And… YOU are not lost! xoxo!!

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