How did I get to now in my spiritual journey?

Recently I was asked in multiple… how did I get to this place in my spiritual journey?  I would later reflect on this.  While I could say, in time… and one step at a time… oh it’s been a process.  From sea to mountain tops and back again.  Like many I was born holding an energy and knowing.  Moments of feeling/blending with Spirit.  In my teen years…

several moments in nature that confirmed my connection with the Universe … as well as what seemed liked bizarre visions and just often enough a dream that really stuck with me.  And… I’d just know certain things.  I’d find though that not many could I share this with.

I grew up in the church and this was a comfort for me for many years.  Yet then, it wasn’t.  I couldn’t find answer to some more deeply personal questions.  Yet they also seemed rather simple so perplexing the guidance that was given.

In my 20’s I’d have an interest in the psychic and then would find two who did understand and opened my eyes a bit more.  Books (as I could find and read them) would become invaluable for me for the next 20 years.  I’d slowly learn of rune stones, tarot, pendulum, angle cards, past-life hypnosis, singing bowls, drumming, numerology and etc.  Since… life was very busy.

Then I’d often find myself with someone who was grieving the loss of a loved one… and I could hear/see their loved one.  Their messages would come pouring through.  Sometimes just a few words… other times in great detail.  Then messages of encouragement for others and I’d share.

I’d go from general spirituality to learn that there are many types/ways.  Stages of finding my kind, yet then retreating to my own energy/sanctuary.

Then… lifestyle changes… leaps of faith… and moment of being, brave.  For me there’d be a lot of personal writing.  The flood gates of channeling would open…. and  I’d also experience a hippie (per say), shaman, and galactic stage.  All surprises to me.  From Awakening to Ascending… both worthy of being capitalized words.  Healing would take on 50 hue’s.  Dark night’s… x11.  Seasons of emotionally and mentally processing and letting go of the past.  To come to new understandings, forgiveness, peace and love.

And then… all would become still/quiet.  My body started to have a new experience.  All that was “out there” was now coming online/inline (yet I didn’t know this).  And at times it would render my body weak/needing rest/releasing in numerous ways.  And as this was happening also moments/energies that seemed like a detour or taking me out of the gift and light.  As if on the dark side of the moon.  Yet after many trips… it does get easier.  One doesn’t take personal… knows they’re not alone… and that this, too, serves and will pass.

There’ve been so many high’s, lows and in-between.  Major stripping away’s… sacrifices… and yes, joyous and indescribable moments, too.  For me it’s all served and been amazing.  The healings, knowing, refining a connection/skill/gift, connections/relationships/love… and the surprises.  Oh I like surprises.  ❤  Years ago I asked to be just a bit more psychic… oh be careful what you ask as this is just an example of how that request has played out for me, lol.  I do though feel so blessed and in heart space.  Namaste.






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