How are we doing loves and lights…?  Just checking-in.  Oh this seems to be a time of balance.  Some will be feeling the LIGHT.  It can present in a spectrum of ways.  It may be in meditation/rest, being awoken from sleep by it or in the body as the FLU – Frequent and Frequency Light Upgrades.  So…

One may awake from rest/sleep and feel worse/not self/ugh… yet, this will pass.  At times we just need to shift self… or be patient.  This can also be a time of seeing whatever surfaces and allowing it to clear.  Often it’s just the gaps that are becoming whole.

One may also find that they’re balancing their personal experience with another/larger experience.  We are needed on many levels so this may play out in reality/family/community… as well as in energy work/the cosmos.  As one balances all of the energy/processes/moments, it may be in ease and grace… or a bit bumpy.  Just do the best you can – no more, no less.

Another area of balance one may be experiencing is acknowledging that we are not necessarily waiting on the next, that we are divine beings, co-creators and players here and now.  Waiting/expecting/pushing can be maddening – free up this energy; give it some space.  This pattern can form though as for many we’ve been so well paced (or at one point may have had to push) from one moment/step to the next.  So it would be easy to think, of course all of this is leading up to a reward/manifestation/something.  While this may be the case… …  What also ties in, is many of us remember (deep down in our cells) of our incredible abilities/gifts/magic and have pretty high expectations for our here and now.  Often though it’s the smaller moments/that’s all that’s wished or required here.  It’s so easy… it’s hard.  So if this resonates, take a breath, relax your universe and… enjoy.  Become one with all again and see the divine perfection.

Blessings and namaste.  ❤


P.S.  Some of the shifts/moments may seem… a bit much.  Just keep coming back to center.  All is well… and we may have several waves over the next 9+ days.

7 comments on “Balance

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  2. “Waiting/expecting/pushing can be maddening – free up this energy; give it space.”
    No more waiting/expecting/pushing…..I have freed up this ENERGY, I have gave it SPACE! We must, if we are to Navigate 5D while living in 3D with grace/ease/peace.
    Keeping it simple/happy/fun, this is my KEY, not always easy, yet it is!!! Oh last night….BIG ENERGIES moved in, and I felt SO overwhelmed/headache/thinking too much, so I just decided, NO thinking, No thinking, No thinking, it worked for awhile, then I truly had to call in my Angels and Guides, and it just amazes me how all calmes down! I’ve gotten so caught up in the ‘process’, and all of its uncomfortable side effects, that I’ve forgotten how important it is to call out for HELP, and trust me, this HELP IS THERE FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF US, anywhere/anytime!!!
    A lot showing up in the ‘collective’ NOW, and being the Sensitive that I am……I’m feeling somewhat bombarded, yet this is why we signed up as path pavers/ etc.
    All is well, and SHIFTING THE DENSER ENERGIES, is getting easier, and for this I Am SO grateful.
    I love you Molly Brown, and feel SO incredibly BLESSED, that we found each other!!! (((💞)))

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