Words our teens use. Are we listening?

Over the weekend, my older son who is still in middle school said the word, illuminati.  I just about stopped in my tracks. What?  While my son knows me and my beliefs, there are many things we haven’t discussed yet.  I’ve raised him in an open and loving home and often offer my perspective.  I also allow him his.

I asked him if he knew what the word meant.  Of its significants.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure myself.  I wanted to lighten the mood by saying/joking, No one knows what it means but it’s provocative. – Will Ferrell.  

I mean, doesn’t illuminati sound like a nice word?  I wasn’t getting much out of him.  He knew it referred to Katy Perry and prisms.  Yes, I liked prisms and… her music.  I did wondered after I watched her video of the symbolism she dropped.  He thought it had something to do with politics and well, I’m not that political so we didn’t follow that avenue as much.  His classmates said the word often but he wasn’t quite sure what it meant.  Was it a referring to a new world order?  Was it a good or bad thing?  It just seemed like a cool thing to say.  I smiled but proceeded with caution in my word choice.   I mean, I haven’t done extensive research on the topic – by no means am I an expert but this was a wonderful opportunity.  A moment for both of us to evolve together.  I’m writing about it because I can’t be the only one confused.

This one word can mean different things to different people. So I think it’s like a lot of things in life.  You can choose to think of this word in a positive or negative way. I’m not much of a conspiracy theory person nor believe much in a secret elite group that is trying to rule the world.  I spend my time thinking on other things.  I do know that the History channel has run some programs on the topic.  Other’s though do associate this word with lightworkers – a shift in thinking and actions to heal our planet.  So I wouldn’t use the word choice of, a new world order in that context.

I choose to keep the conversation simple. I told him the word meant, enlightened. To illuminate.  To be the light.  I told him I didn’t consider myself the label of “illuminati” but I did consider myself to be a lightworker in a general sense of the word.  This seemed to spark a discussion around our spiritual being ness and the actions that we take.  I told him some think of a new world order as a way of controlling.  That is the opposite of spirituality.  Spirituality can’t be controlled.  Control is also the opposite of love.   Spirituality is, love.  I told him that I rooted myself in light (truth) and love.  That was my foundation.  From the smile on his face, I think he already knew this.

I did hesitate to post this article.  I wasn’t sure I want to open up a can of worms in my search for clarity.  If you Google the topic, it can get more and more confusing and seems to hold negative connotation.  I decided to let go of the label and to continue to think about the word and our general discussion in a positive light.  Often we search for one right answer.  At times, it’s just great to discuss.  To open our minds.

I think the more important issue at hand is… are we listen to our youth?  And, are we helping to guide them?  They are our future.  What do they speak of?  What interests them?  What are they exposed to and do they truly understand it?  How can we point them in a direction of questioning and figuring out what is best for them?  What is their truth?  Verses just going along and being, cool.  This is digging down deeper and helping them root themselves.  At the same time, how can we also encourage high flying thoughts?  To grow and flourish.  At times, it seems like they are so close yet need just a bit more support.  They need us.  We are their guides and teachers.  Be available and… be willing to grown and discern and change with them.

Our discussion was just ten minutes but important for both of us.  I then thought of this next generation of spiritual being and lightworkers (again I can use this word in general terms).  They will be the healers and teachers – working in many different areas.  I thought of our current world.  It’s a beautiful place and I choose to see it that way.  It is also a world full of people trying to, “find themselves”.  I know for me, I even had to take a time out to do this.  Yet, what if this was never needed?  Why do we have to find ourselves when we never had to lose our true self?  What if we were born knowing and were then fostered to grow into our greatness?  What if more babies were born into a family that was grounded and knowing verses hurting and confused.  This sound… amazing.  And very slowly it is happening.  Choose to be enlightened.  Choose to, illuminate.  Be a bright light in a cold or dark place.  No label is needed.


Thank you for reading and please feel free to post your comments and thoughts that will help our teens.

2 comments on “Words our teens use. Are we listening?

  1. My son aged 10, asked the same thing. I also went through the etymology of the word, but also explained the conspiracy theory. I thought if he’s old enough to ask the question, he’s old enough to hear both sides. I agree with you, I’m just glad we can have a discussion about it. Great blog!


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