111 blog posts!!! Oh my!


After I published my 83rd post (hmm, equals an 11), I was already looking forward to 111.  Ghee, a reminder I struggle to stay… present.  It’s just that I love the angel number.

Blogging has been so good for my mind and soul.  It’s been total freedom.  I love it.  And I have many thank you’s to so many I’ve never even met.  In spirit though, we are all connected.  I had no idea when I started this in January, what it would be like.  Maybe I’d just post a few things.  LOL.

I don’t think I ever dreamed I’d get to 111 and, so quickly.  But then again amount and time doesn’t mater.  I’ve just been driven by my heart and soul to get these words out there.

So this post doesn’t need to be long.  Ironic, this will post on Mother’s Day.  I think that’s actually says it all.  What a special day but then again every day is.  So Happy Mother’s Day!  We are all so blessed!  Celebrate all the joys in life!

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