An Intuitive Friend


I’m a firm believer we all need at least one good friend in life. Even if you consider yourself a loner. Even better, an intuitive one.  You very well might already have one and not even know it.

An intuitive friend listens. Patiently. They are not listening to respond. They are just listening. They allow you to talk and talk because they know you’ll often figure it out yourself. They often tap into your vibration (whether they realize this or not) to better understand and support you. They are concerned and wish the best for you. They are probably sending you loving energy. They are also calm and open to any gut feelings, knowing’s or whispers they hear that might assist you.

Yet, what if your friend is not intuitive? Well guess what. We all are. Remind them. Start the discussion. Learn together. It will indeed give you something new to talk about. Grow in your friendship together. A friend does wish to help but at times, since they are ungrounded and not even knowing they self, their suggestion might only add to the chaos in your mind. That certainly doesn’t help. Sometimes ego and jealousy can also come into play.  And if your friend feels you are a bit too woo woo, well, send out the call. Find your kind… your tribe. There are spiritual people coming out of the closet every day.

Know that an intuitive friend though is not perfect. Perfect is boring!  They are on their own journey and need your friendship. You are each other’s mirror and often brought together since you are in similar energy and situation. Honor them and give thanks.  Better together.  Often through sharing stories, you are lightening up what might have been a challenging situations in life; a release.  Comfort and compassion is shared.  Hopefully you are also laughing at life.

Lastly, at times, you need to be your own best friend. Be patient and kind to yourself. Listen to your heart. Give yourself permission or let yourself off the hook. I meet a psychic once who said to me, you don’t need me, give yourself a reading. Wow.  How true.  Tune in to your own mind, body and soul.


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