God verses Source


Years ago I received a sentence in channeling.  It was, “We sent you God because you believed in him.”  I found this word choice interesting.  At the time, I couldn’t tell anyone I was having frequent conversations with (not praying to) God.  I was raised in the church and did believe in God.  I still do.  I also now believe in a lot of things.

Then I was told:  “Would you like to know about God’s God?”  Well… I immediately lost my connection. When my mind dismisses the information verses receiving, I lose the vibration and message. Now I know better and just remain open.

I used to think God and Source were the same. And these two words are often used interchangeably. Yet, I was told otherwise by the Universe and on occasion am reminded of this; recently being prompted to type and post this clarification. I was told that God is like a governor of a very large system. Source is Source, the main and original place. No matter what you believe, channel, etc. there is an ultimate Source and all of us came from this place.  “God is different than Source.”

I was also told many will go to Heaven while others will go to a different dimension or back to Source.  I was shown that for many, they will make hundreds of trips to Heaven never knowing that there is anything different.

So I’m not sure why but I know that I am to pass along what I receive. To some this will mean nothing yet to another it might assist them on their journey.  Maybe it’s more to remind some of the multiverse.  Maybe for some who don’t believe in God, well, they still have a home that will welcome them.

Thank YOU for reading.

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