SIGNS of change

I’ve had a few days of signs and honestly I wasn’t sure what they meant. At times a sign is so obvious! Other times a bit of time and space helps. A sign can also reflect your mentality/mood/energy and therefore can be interpreted high/positive or low/negative.

Last night I saw a lunar halo around the moon. It made me smile and honestly I didn’t think much more about it.


Then today, I sat outside in the warm sun. It’s been 40 degrees here and now it’s 65. Yippie!  I slipped into a meditative state and was in complete peace. I then looked up and directly above me was this sun halo rainbow. To be honest, I was so deep in peace, I didn’t even know where I was. I jumped up to see if I could see it, really see it. Yes!  I’m not sure why but I was so happy. I’d never seen one of these.  In the moment, a million dollars wouldn’t have made me as happy.


I continued to sit in gratitude and took pictures for close to an hour. I felt as if it was an omen yet… not sure of what. As I went inside, it was still there and when I went out to check on it a few minutes later, it was gone. You know, it just doesn’t take much to make a spiritual person happy.

A sun halo symbolizes change – significant. I’ll take that. I’m ready. I also saw it as a sign of completion, union and, as above, so below.

Yesterday as I was doing my finances, I reached for the calculator. I hadn’t even turned it on. I walked away to get some papers and when I walked back, this is what I saw. I burst out in a howl. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.


777 is my number for CHANGE.

BRING IT UNIVERSE!  I’m ready to play!

4 comments on “SIGNS of change

  1. It is rare for me to notice a sign, I tend to overlook them. The other day I did manage to noticed it was 11:11 at night. I haven’t noted that time for so long that I thought back to the day I was a kid, and told my Mom that I liked when the clock said 11:11 and I watched out for it. Now it is totally a thing, but I had no idea what made that time special back then.

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  2. That is interesting that 777 is your number for change.
    I got acquainted with the meaning of numbers via Doreen Virtue’s little book on angel numbers, and there 5 is the sign for change, and 7 is something like an applaus by the angels. So, I adopted that set of meanings.
    But I guess, symbols can really have a different meaning for each one of us.
    In dreams, for example, the metaphors can be very different from person to person.
    It is always fun to compare notes with you.
    Thank you for sharing.

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    • Thank you for commenting and sharing! 5 means half way there to me, lol. 7 = spiritual and years ago 777 kept showing up and then became my number for change, like a casino slot machine. I haven’t seen it in awhile.

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