I AM… going to stand by you.


Often at night, I’ll go outside and breathe.  I often also send off a prayer.  As if the Universe can better hear me being outside.  I outstretched my arms and to my surprise, there was an energetic response.  Hand and hand I stood with all of me/us.  All of the parallel, me’s.  All at different places on this journey yet we shared a very common thread.  We were, one.  There was this pause, knowing and respect for each life/reality.  It was humbling and a moment of awe and gratitude.

It also felt bigger and more complex than a soul.  It was a connection to the Universal soul which is everything.  At the same time is was so… simple… as if it was just a wave or ball of energy.

The past day or so has gone by quickly.  I’m mentally here and then… I’m not.  A question or small a-ha will pop in, I get clear and then I seem to float again.  What we take for granted is, hoping timelines.  We are working in the parallel and jumping. We are able to do this in a moment/day/month where it might have taken several more lifetimes.  Several.

I’ve been practicing detachment on a new level for just 10 days now.  And it’s working.  There is something to this!  I’m grateful for my connection to Spirit/Universe/Myself and I’m now understanding even more.  A few “things” were brought to my attention a few months ago for a reason.  How each person sets up their plan is very unique to them.  While another might say, that doesn’t sound right, that’s often just a thought/opinion and an invitation to pull in even more and discover.  Eventually we each find our truth.

For me, now, I needed to let go again.  I’ve had to do this… actually, a lot in my journey.  Years ago I didn’t have a choice.  Things were stripped away.  Then I had to practice letting go, receiving and letting go again.  At first, it seems to go against everything one knows.  To not be so, invested.  Now it does feel like freedom.  It also feels like truth and peace.


This is freeing up your energy filed.  ANYTHING is possible when you do this.  I smile and for now, this is enough.  Not engaging any thoughts, expectation or goal energy because really my thoughts pale in comparison to the Divine unlimitlessness.

I was also sending off some thank you’s.  I’ve had many teachers this past year and… you might be one of them.  I am truly blessed for your love and gifts.  Take nothing for granted.  We are blessed.  We are also, one.  Love to you.


2 comments on “I AM… going to stand by you.

  1. You have summed up the way I AM feeling today. Here one minute, floating the next. This post did help me to re-center. There was something on my mind, but after reading your post, I AM letting go so the field of infinite possibility can BE open. Thank you.

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