Rising up from the ashes


I am writing this post for a variety of reasons so it holds a few different perspectives.  On my mind this morning… well actually for a few weeks now, wildfires that have been burning in several states (VA, NC, TN, GA).  While I know this is divine.. it holds much meaning.  On a very human level, I’ve been touched to see the outpouring of caring and dedicated firefighters and community members. 

A particular wildfire held my attention since I have love ones there that were evacuated.  Can you imagine?  A knock comes at your door and you have minutes to gather up and go.  You must, let go and leave it all behind.  The import thing, your life, you take to safer ground.  My loved ones, like many, were lucky.  Days later they were able to return to their home.  I watched videos of how the firefighters protected each home.  I was in awe and forever grateful.  A miracle and prayer answered.

These fires do happen every so many years and some have written on how they actually benefit.  Mother Nature has her ways.  They are also very symbolic.  I won’t elaborate so much here but encourage one to discern if the fire element has come into your reality.  I found this article helpful.  The fire element is about purging and rebirth.  For many a phoenix process has just started and one might not even realize yet.  And several states also experienced the water element a few months back with hurricanes.

Well… let me also add these thoughts.  Some of these wildfires are considered brushfires.  They are not so much taking the tree’s (yah) but the ground clutter/dead leaves.  Symbolic.  And the smoke that is produced is thick!  A veil.  It is not easy to breathe and greatly limits visibility.  Can I say that breathing is a huge part of this journey and we all desire clarity.  Many areas have signs on the road to, drive/GO SLOW and one may wish to head the warning.  And… some of these fires have had significant wind.  Wind = change.  The photography that is also being capture from many of these fires is not something you see everyday.  Some mountains now glow at night from the fire and/or as if large smoke signals are being sent.  They can be seen from the Heavens above.  Trust that many have been doing rain dances yet to these areas… rain has stayed away.  I trust that Mother Nature knows when to rain.  Often there is a higher plan playing out.

(If you have questions/comment/are being affected, feel free to share below or email.)

So now I’m switching gears here as I share one of the messages I recently received.  It does in some ways tie in.  Spirit asked… Who will rise up from the ashes?  Hmm, well I’ve already seen many!  I think this is another way of saying, who has their light on?  Well, those who are ready.  Sprit added… To come alive.  🙂

Can I just say that coming alive is different than just, living.  It is one, at their very best; their purpose.

Right now it seems that so much is going on.  Politics, Holidays, wildfires… oh my!   So many ways to be… and be of service.  Whether you are super spiritual and anchoring a grid, holding space or, boots on the ground and in the frontlines… this is an amazing time.

I also find it interesting what one focuses on.  For me it has been a bit of a challenge to discern, chose and balance.  This is not cave time.  It can also be so simple and peaceful.  In my opinion, it doesn’t matter since all paths serve a purpose.  Honor, trust and LIVE your journey.

Spirit though was asking more questions.  This wasn’t anything personal and I share since it’s a good message for many.

When did you stop celebrating?  …  …  When life got hard?  Did you stop celebrating and then just start taking life, hit after hit?  Almost expecting/anticipating the next one?

I did understand this message.  Every breath is a celebration.  A new birth.  Yet we seem to forget this.  I can remember back to a few years when life just got increasing busy.  Insanely busy.  So busy that making time to celebrate even felt, squeezed.  It had to be planned/scheduled/yikes.  And Heaven forbid an emergency arose yet, one made time.  This is Divine time.  How else was Spirit going to get our attention?

For many lightworkers/healers/therapists, they are cultivating a new (middle) ground.  One will first heal themselves/transcend and then turn around and pull up/assist a group.  It’s not that their way is best.  Often times it just shows that it can be done.

I was doing some homework on age 10 milestones.  The first article that came up was age 9-11 developmental milestones which included independence, responsibility and forming healthy friendships.  When I was looking back at my notes, I chuckled.  911…?  Possibly.  As if this is the age so many loose their connection with Spirit to, (hopefully) pick it back up later.  Real life events often happen to lightworkers, as if planned.  We seem to like the diversity and challenge.

I was also thinking about childhood and “imaginary friends” – our guides, friends in other places and fostering our connection.  Yet we, grow up.  Shucks!  Lucky are the children of today.  More are coming into a home that support their being ness.

Okay, well… I think this is enough for now.  I thank you for reading.  Let’s hold all in our thoughts/prayers/energies.  While there are a lot of “fires”… we got this.  We are safe, protected and loved.  Blessings!



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