Sign for the day thus far… a burnout.  With pretty impressive skid marks, too.  Well then, that seems fitting.  Full acceleration and breaking at the same time.  Yup.  Are we having fun?   Where the rubber meet the road…?  Ready, set, GO…. When I looked up the definition though I saw this…


physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.  Oh… yes, as if I’ve forgotten.  I knew of this kind in the work world.

And spiritual burnout does, happen.  Been there and it surprised me.  So no pushing.  Go slow, there is time, pace one’s self.  Also tying into the theme, with some rain many wildfires have also burned out.
Interesting, the temperatures have taken quite a chilly dip here.  So, got it Universe – chill.
This may be an upgrading/union weekend for some.  Do what is best for you and enjoy.  Some may be called to start practicing on their grid work.  Anchoring or being light in any place you feel called to.  Be sure to look for signs/confirmation; often subtle.  You have planned your journey well.  We are changing the landscape in all that we do.
Enough for now.  Much ❤
Update:  Computers and our energy… oh my, don’t seem to be meshing well.   A little hint, hint.  It will all settle.  Until then… step away, there is so much to enjoy/do/see/be.
And… basically now we are getting out of our system whatever energy isn’t serving us.  Fuel, tires, _____ fill in the blank.  It’s just not going with us into 2017 loves… remember?
(Pics found online)

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