No pressure… remember?

Alrighty kiddos!  How ya doing…?  The last two days I’ve awoken with a physical sensation, an inner feeling.  It feels like pressure or could be described as heaviness (or even a bit medically concerning).  Expanding, like blowing up a balloon.  Our inner universe seems to be expanding.  My mental, emotional and spiritual body feels great though.  So while it may feel like pressure, I know there is no pressure.  A time to breathe, go slow and in joy. Continue reading



Sign for the day thus far… a burnout.  With pretty impressive skid marks, too.  Well then, that seems fitting.  Full acceleration and breaking at the same time.  Yup.  Are we having fun?   Where the rubber meet the road…?  Ready, set, GO…. When I looked up the definition though I saw this… Continue reading

No pressure


Ha!  The past 24 hours though, the energy has felt like a pressure cooker.  Intense.  A cooker will elevate the heat for a shorter cook/wait time.  It makes meat, tender.  Originally it was called a digester – interesting.  You can’t touch or taste the food though when it’s in the sealed chamber – see the symbolism??  So, if your feeling it, too, remain calm.  Breathe.  Let some steam off as needed.  Take care of yourself.  Rest when you can.  Laugh!    It looks like we are heading into June with a bang.