Rainbow moments

Weeks ago I went for a short beach walk.  Beautiful!  As I walked, I was seeing rainbows… in the spray as the waves came in.  I then tried to photograph – Ha!  Can I say 20 shots and no rainbow.  Then as if on cue, an old friend greeted me and asked what I was doing.  I explained and he said, if anyone will capture it, it will be you.  He smiled and walked on.

These were the next few pics I took.  While faint, they are there.  (You can click to expand.)




So thank you my friend; this journey has so many.  Blessed.

It is interesting and telling.  Mother Nature doesn’t wish to be captured.  She wishes to surprise.  So eyes wide open kiddos.

As this year comes to a close, I pause in absolute gratitude to so many of you who have followed along and shared.  Thank you.  Beach/Bliss blessing to you… well, to all.  It’s colder and rainy here today (also beautiful yet these pictures were a nice reminder).  Here’s to many more rainbow moments.  They are happening.  ❤

UPdate:  I stood outside as the rain just finished.  I thought of Debbie Reynolds and her role in Singing in the Rain… and then the sun popped out just for a moment as if a smile… and then it clouded up again.  She taught us well.  It is time to sing in the rain… what a glorious feeling…

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