Well… not sure what fresh pow just rolled in but… I’ll take it.  Usually Sunday evenings I feel a bit of a lull as if many are preparing for the work week but this seems to be reminding that this will be an energetic/exciting week.  By the time I publish this though, it will be Monday.  

While I seemed to start several posts over the past week or so, I’d get about three sentences and then… stop.  (Yes, a few though did made it online.)  So some energy to write yet… yikes, were to start…?  There’ve been many moments and how do I explain as for almost two months now and even more so over the past 30 days, I’ve/many have been a bit more inward/in other ways of being.

I remember years ago when I went from a social lifestyle to a hermit.  Then shortly after awakening, while I thought I was to be of service, personal healing became the agenda.  Then, slowly turning outward as Spirit encouraged and arranged stepping out of my comfort zone (as the in service part was not always as I thought).  Yet Spirt also seemed to encourage living – that this was just as important.   Then a time of just being in the flow.  This journey though at times seems to be about contrasts and when you least expect them.  The past eight months or so I’ve had several rounds of being encouraged by Spirit to stop, pull in and clear the channel.  While I can say I didn’t think it was needed (being in the flow)… I didn’t understand what Spirit was trying to do.  I could feel the free will part (and just wanting to keep rolling).  It was like pulling the rains of a horse that wants to gallop.  Yet I’d then see and consistently choose the road/path less traveled as the crossroads presented.  I will say though that when you’re used to knowing what you know and a new level/path comes… embracing the new can be at times challenging.  And while a reset can happen in a moment, at times they take months/years/decades – trust your process/choice.

So the balance of personally taking care of self and being of service and being willing to continue to change/evolve (oh, as well as live)… wowziers.  Know that as you go through the stages of healing/remembering/practicing/living, this alone is enough.  One doesn’t need to place an additional goal upon themselves… unless this brings you joy.  It will all work out.  While many do share their discoveries/gifts, provided reminders/ways and bring others along… even if you don’t write/teach, you do affect the whole and others – family, friends, community.

So much of the journey will have you examine your past and even your future/dream.  At times though, not so much your present reality… until you’re ready.  Well, one might have been ready years ago yet Spirit knows.  So, in reality and the broader picture, it might seem like ones present reality isn’t that bad (actually quite blessed), it’s just… we now see (or Spirit reminds) that some situations need attention/elevating.  That now is the time… sculpting/crafting/creating a new… reality for self.  It may seem easy, as if working with clay… or more like working with stone.  It may take time, detail… a work in progress or even seem like mistakes have been made.  Trust the process.  At times we actually break up our own comfort zone so that we can signal and then pull the next to us.

So for me the past month has been a mix of making small realizations and therefor changes in my reality and a significant amount of inner time/rest/allowing a process to happen in me (possibly worthy of another post).  I’ve also been lead to reading spiritual writings of 1700’s… and then even to 1300’s.  It’s always interesting what resonates.  As if I needed some of these puzzle pieces/bits of info and they’re to roll into the now current mix.  So yes, moments of a new level of wisdom surfacing which seems to fascinate the mind yet also the pure simplicity of peace, all is well, not needing to do, etc.  Can I say though that taking the time to make sure your foundation is as solid and true as it can be is some of the best work one can do.  From this all else flows.

And a humble realization that we didn’t come forth to bring someone else’s teachings to the forefront… we are to bring our teachings to the forefront.  Realizing, what works now.  There are so many perspectives and they’re all needed and correct.  So hence the reminders to disconnect from the mainstream/ways since what some of us are (looking for) isn’t there.  Yet I realized I do love it, too.  The connection, sharing and love.

I’ll also mention running parallel to all of this is a lot of working energetically and in new ways on a galactic/multidimensional level.  To be honest, I only understand small amounts of this.  And isn’t that interesting, as if I don’t even need to understand it to, know/believe/do.

Well… more than enough (words) for now.  I awoke yesterday with this sense that March – May/Spring will be a new/busy/interesting time.  So… we shall, see.  A lot can change between now and then.  Let your truth find you.  For some (really, all) this will be a special week.  I’ve felt huge openings/gates.  So just let yourself in.  Choose to grown into your higher plan.  Thank you for reading.  Blessings and love !


Picture found online, original source of artwork:  🙂  ❤

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